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Tips On When Your Relationship Starts To Fizzle
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Tips on When Your Relationship Starts to Fizzle

6 Tips On How To Revive The Passion In A Dying Relationship

When your relationship starts to fizzle out, I will show you how to quickly revive the passion and love that you had with your partner. This means a better and more accomodating relationship. Below are some of these tips that you can employ starting now to see proven results.

Solidify your friendship

The connection you feel towards your partner heavily determines your satisfaction with them. How we connect with others is usually influenced by the experiences we had as children. Most people who get obsessed or jealous with their partner can trace this to their childhood experiences. The good news is that you can be able to change this in your present circumstances by generating a more accommodating and loving friendship with your partner even if your love was starting to fade away thanks to your obsession.

You can increase your friendship with your partner in a number of ways. These include regularly trying to find out what they like and what they dislike, spending more time with them while doing something which you both love, establishing their current stressors, and being in the know of any change of interests your partner may have developed recently.

Appreciate each other

A regular display of appreciation of your partner always rekindles the love that you had when you were dating and courting. Remember how you used to always try to impress your partner during the dating period? How you would go that extra mile to make them feel appreciated? Try to revisit those deeds and even if you may not be able to pull them all off, at least put in some effort to pull some off. This will slowly repair your torn relationship and eventually healing it. You may even start with a daily compliment; say something about her beauty or about her exceptional skills at doing something. That's a good starting point. Make sure you are genuine with what you say.

Forget the past and live in the present

Being available for your partner now is one of the easiest ways of cementing the foundation of your relationship for the sake of the future. Always lend an ear to your partner and even try to generate even the slightest of interest in what they are currently doing.

Further more do not dwell on the mistakes of the past. Simply make an effort to forget and move on. You will be surprised at how fast you will heal your relationship and how fast love will come back in.

Break negative cycles

The common scenario in most troubled relationships is that they have a demand-withdrawal pattern. In other words, the relationship will have one very demanding partner, and then another partner who simply withdraws and shuts down in response to a conflict. To settle this so that you can revive your relationship, it is important to let your partner know what you feel instead of shutting down (very common with men). Say something like "Honey, I can clearly see that this is an important issue to you. However, I am feeling so angry right now to discuss it. Let's come back to it once we have cooled off."

Focus on the fixable

A fizzling relationship can be revived if all focus is shifted to the things that can be fixed as opposed to those that are out of your control. For instance, most newly formed relationships and marriages will collapse or get tensed due to finances. The two parties involved should sit down and craft an action plan on how to resolve the financial crisis at hand. If it is about debts or spending, look for resources that will help you chart a way forward towards eliminating the debt or how to spend your income. The two parties, however, should be ready to live up to the set plan or it just won't work.


Most conflicts that fizzle a previously loving relationship are often persistent and unsolvable. In other words, they will always, at one time or the other, resurface regardless of how long you have lived together. These tend to rekindle painful emotions. In order to solve them so that you can restore your relationship, it is important to ignore the trivialities and deal with the underlying causes and issues. Discuss this with your partner in turns, allowing each other to talk and listen while all this time being non-judgmental if you are to get a solution. Both parties should also be ready to forego a number of things in order to reach a compromise.

Ensure that touch remains a big part of your lives. Hugging and holding hands can help bring the excitement back. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and the rewards can be enormous.

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