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What Is The Best Way To Get Over A Breakup?
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When you're going through the aftermath of a breakup and your heart feels like it's been run over a few times by the biggest baddest monster truck on the planet you only want to know one thing. What is the best way to get over a breakup?

You don't want to know about long-term solutions. You don't want goals that will be achieved years down the road. You want to feel better right now. You want the pain to go away.

Fast Forwarding Through the Pain

That is why I teach a method called the Fast Forward Technique. How tired are you of hearing that time will make the pain easier to stand? You want results now, today! You want to stop hurting like this. You want a mystical remote control that will let you rewind the good parts and fast forward through the not so good stuff – like the pain you're feeling right now.

This technique isn't a magic eraser that simply makes the pain vanish. But, it makes the pain manageable so that you can move on and begin making decisions about your future with a level head that is unencumbered by the pain of your recent breakup.

As far as first moves go, it's hard to beat the Fast Forward technique for an effective opening move to make in the aftermath of a breakup. It helps you get some distance from the pain you've been feeling so that you can gain a little perspective on the entire situation. It's a good solid start. But it's not the end game by any means.

Developing a Strategy for the Future

Part of the pain of a breakup concerns the sudden absence of hopes, dreams, and plans you had for the future. You may have even had a few long-term or happily ever after plans in mind for your future with your ex. After the breakup those plans went up in smoke.

Now you're trying to figure out what the future holds for you and struggling to find your bearings. This goes way beyond trying to solve the problem of how to get your ex back and involves trying to re-map your entire future.

It's time to sit down and figure out what your next plan of action will be. Come up with a goal like getting your ex back. And then develop a plan to accomplish that goal.

Goals are really good when you're trying to get over a breakup – especially goals that involve serious methods of making up. But even the act of setting goals turns your eyes to the future and engages the part of your mind that is all about strategy rather than following your heart, which may lead you off course in an effort to find the most direct route.

But what good does all this do if you can't get your ex to even talk to you, right? Well sometimes you need a little step by step instruction to cut right to the heart of things. The method I teach has helped more than 50,000 couples get back together. Maybe it can be the jumpstart your heart and relationship needs so you can get your ex back too.

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