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What To Say To Get My Ex Back
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Sometimes people end relationships in a fit of anger or jealousy. They don’t really mean to do it. And the remorse and regret haunt them immediately after they’ve made the decision. The worst thing that could happen in the event of an impulsive break-up is if your ex has decided that he or she no longer wants you back. They could have tired of the drama. Or they could have been taken aback by how harsh you broke it off with them.

If you’ve experienced a situation like this yourself, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself -- what to say to get my ex back? It’s not easy, for sure. You’ll have to swallow your pride. And you have to face the possibility of rejection. So what should you say?

The first thing to say in the what to say to get my ex back handbook is a solid and heart felt apology. The key is to get the timing right. Try to get the apology through as soon as possible. But don’t get into it if your ex is still extremely angry with you. Time the apology when your ex is calm and ready to listen.

Next you should acknowledge that you’ve hurt your ex. This can help soften his or her ill feelings towards you. You must truly mean the acknowledgement though. Don’t make false declarations. This can make you harder to take back if your ex figures the guise up.

After this, you should explain what happened. Don’t make excuses. Just express simply what made you do what you did. For example, say that “I’m sorry I acted on impulse, I was just so jealous of you and Jean”. Be sincere. And be honest. This is the best time to air your side and your concerns. Remember to be calm and non-confrontational when you express your side. Just lay down the facts. And say it in a way that will make your ex understand.

After your explanation, it’s out of your hands. The decision to take you back will be on your ex. In terms of what you shouldn’t say at this point, you should resist the impulse to make false promises.

If your ex’s reaction doesn’t seem so encouraging, don’t make promises that you can’t or don’t intend to keep just to get them back. Rein in the “I won’t do it again” and the “I promise I won’t be such a hothead” lines. Only say those statements if they come from your heart and if you can seriously back them up. This is the only time these promises can be included in the what to say to get my ex back handbook.

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