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What To Say To Your Ex - Boyfriend To Get Him Back
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What to Say to Your Ex  -  boyfriend to Get Him Back

Words have a magic power to them; when used correctly, they can soften and melt your ex-boyfriend’s heart if you know what to say at the right moments. Since the breakup, you probably have asked yourself this question a hundred times, “what are the things to say to soften my ex-boyfreind’s heart ?” Sure thing, you have thought of many things, but you still cannot find the magic formula of words that you feel comfortable with.

To help you pick the most influential and mouth-watering words to say to your ex, here are some suggestions you can use as guidelines.

1. Use Some Psychology Tricks:

All you need to do here is to tell your ex that you totally agree with the split. Let him know that you accept his decision to spend some time away of each other, since this will help both of you to see things clearly. Probably, this is not what you feel like to do, but acting in such a way will pay off ten-folds later. You have to beat the temptation to stay around him; since this won’t help you to make him miss you.

This tactic has proven to work most of the time,because your reaction will push your ex to wonder where he went wrong in the relationship, and he will begin to look for what he did wrong that led you to accept the split.

However, what counts here is that you aroused his curiosity to know why you accepted the breakup. And since your primary goal is to make him crave you more than ever before, then you have made one step in the right direction.

2. Use A Little Empathy:

Soft words mingled with a calm tone voice will have a great effect on your ex-boyfriend. Here is what to say to your ex in an empathetic way “Baby, I understand how you feel, and I am sorry that I hurt you.” Your ex-boyfriend’s reaction to these words will show whether or not he is still into you. If he still loves, then he will be happy to know that you really care for his feelings. After all, your ex might not have meant his words when he wanted to put an end to the relationship, but he may simply have wanted to change the way you both dealt with the relationship.

3. Show some understandings:

You need to show your ex that you understand the issues that led to the breakup. You can sum this in a few words; you can tell him that you wish you understood this before. What's important here, is that you are letting your ex know that he is not the only responsible for the breakup, and that you both share an equal responsibility for the problems in the relationship.

Knowing what to say to your boyfriend is the key to increase your chances to have him again in your life. You also need to know the right moment to approach him, which is very easy to identify if you learn how to spot the signs that your ex wants you back in his life.

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