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When Do You Realize Hes Not Coming Back?
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You've held out hopes that he'll decide to miss you or just call you out of the blue for months now. You've sat by the phone on pins and needles, hating yourself every minute of it, waiting for it to ring and praying it will be him this time. You've devoted so much of your life to missing him and hoping he'll come back that you've forgotten to take care of yourself. You've neglected friends and become a bit of a recluse in your former social circles.

But, have you taken the opportunity to ask one really important question? Is he really WORTH all that? No matter how much you think you love him what it is about him that makes him worth wasting your life away while waiting for him? Is he treating sick kids in Kenya? Is he building houses for poor people around the country? Is he changing the world to make it better for others? Or, are you just seeing him as so much larger than life because he's the one who got away?

Is there a right time to pick up the pieces, get out the crazy glue, and try to move on with your life? When do you realize he's just not going to come back to you? When do you give up the go and understand that things look bleaker than ever for your relationship and there's no reason to even try making it work? Is there ever a time when you should give up?

Hope is an amazing gift. As long as you have hope, the sun keeps rising and sunsets are still beautiful. You can tolerate the mildly annoying and even sing along with those songs that get stuck in your head. When you have hope, everything in the world around you is brighter, livelier, and more vivid than in a world without it. When you have hope you can stop waiting for your boyfriend to come back to you and go out and get your ex back instead.

While some would argue that it takes a little more than hope to make that happen, it certainly won't happen without hope. Even when you know it's a long-shot, having hope is what it is that gives you the power to make that bet on behalf of your relationship.

If you really want to save your relationship and make it work after your boyfriend has left instead of giving up and moving on without him, you've come to the right place.

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