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Why Can't We Get Along #3
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Why Can\'t We Get Along #3

On his third visit, he approach the house and knocked on the door, a man opened the door, and asked if he could help him, he said, " I would like to speak with Debbie. " The gentleman that opened the door ask him, why he wanted to communicate with his wife. The contractor, said Debbie was his girlfriend and he had just built this house. The alleged husband told the contractor, he was going in his bed room for his cutlass, and be better be gone, by the time he returned.

About a week later the contractor returned to work in Nassau, where my wife became concern, because she noticed that for a few days he was not buying his lunch, and he was quite and appeared very sad, always chewing a gum, while everybody was enjoying their lunch. So my wife called his son to find out if his father was sick. The son said, " he is physically fine, but he is fretting about all the money he spent on the woman in Andros.

A few months ago a daughter called the police for her father is a popular preacher for assaulting her. the daughter who was under the age of sixteen wanted to attend a party which started at a time that her father felt was when parties normally ends.

The father arrested and later released, he stated that the mark on his daughter neck was from a skin condition which happened years before, but the arresting officer thought otherwise.

The Test

It is clear the younger daughter was rebelling against the rules of her father. The older sibling, were watching to see if their sister would get away with breaking the rules of the king.

If the father uses physical force to hold or prevent his daughter from leaving home, and in the process bruised, will that be considered domestic violence?. Could it be that the father is only concern about the welfare of his child, but does the framers of the law care about the outcome of this challenge to the king.

The father sees his authority as the king of his home being challenged, and the older brothers and sisters continue to look on. If he lays down and play dead, every rule in his house may become a debate. So how does he deal with this. He loves his daughter, and he is thinking about the drugs and dangers of society, and has tried to shield his children from them. But the devil may have found his weakness, and believe he knows how to win.

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