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Why Do Men Move On So Fast? - It Is Not All As It Seems
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Why Do Men Move On So Fast?   -   It Is Not All As It Seems

Why do men move on so fast? You have to realise that not everything is as it seems on the outside. The difference between men and women is never as obvious as it is when you look at how long it takes each one to get over a breakup. Why is it that your ex is out on the town days or weeks after your breakup, and you're still watching romantic comedies on the couch with a box of Kleenex and a pint of chocolate ice cream? They seem oblivious to the fact that we're still in pain, and are far too busy enjoying their nights at the club to pay attention.

Even if women initiate the breakup, it takes us time to disconnect from it emotionally. Men seem to just get up, walk out the door and drive right into the future without a second thought. They can party it up like nothing ever happened and face the world with a smile. How is that possible? Is there an actual reason why men react so differently to a breakup and so quickly, when it takes us so long to recover? The real reason your ex is out on the town smiling may take you by surprise.

He Might Be Suffering As Much As You

Looking at the situation, it's easy to see why we ask ourselves, "why do men move on so fast?" We don't see our ex when the full weight of the situation hits him full force. We don't see what he's like when he's home alone. We don't see him in the quiet moments when he's left with the full force of what happened. So we perceive that he's over it, ready to move on and fine with what happened. Quietly, and to selected, close friends, men have admitted time and time again how brokenhearted they've felt after a relationship has ended. They viewed the relationship as one of their defining qualities, and when it ends it often can seem like the end of the world they believed to be true. But men are typically raised differently than women are. They are taught that showing emotion is a sign of weakness and should be avoided at all costs.

Because they are so different, it's easy to mistake that easy smile for the fact that they're over you, or that they're ready to move on. Maybe you see it as him enjoying his new freedom, and experiencing everything life has to offer now that he's single. But it's just a façade, and you never know what's hiding beneath that mask. Maybe he's dying to tell you how much he misses you. Maybe he's seconds away from telling you that he made a huge mistake and he's sorry - but that smile comes out instead as he processes those conflicting and confusing emotions internally.

Some Guys Are Just Fickle

Not all guys have that inner conflict going on, though. Some guys can just pick themselves up after a messy breakup and throw themselves back into the world faster than you can blink. These guys are more likely to find a new girl before you can change your clothes. This makes women feel insignificant and worthless. It's normal to wonder in these circumstances if you were ever worth anything at all - or if your whole relationship was just a game. It's a mistake to entertain these thoughts and feelings. Instead, hold onto the relationship the way you choose to remember it, and allow the experience to enable growth and make you a healthier, stronger woman going forward.

See The Good Side

In order to get the most out of a painful situation, it's important to not obsess too much about how your ex is behaving, or what's going on in their world. While curiosity is natural, focusing on it to the exclusion of all else is unhealthy. Guys can find themselves easily in a no-win situation that's all in the girl's head. You may think that he's given up and moved on because he acts a certain way; then you may get the same impression when he doesn't act in another way you expect. This conflict is a natural part of a separation, but shouldn't influence the way you think or feel towards him. Let him be, and take this opportunity to really focus on yourself and what you want going forwards.

It is important instead to focus on the experience as a whole, and take hold of the positive aspects of it that can be utilized in the future. You're moving forward with your life, and it's important to learn the lessons that life throws at us through these challenging situations so we don't have to repeat them. Look towards the future that is still up for grabs, and not to a past that you can do nothing to change. Taking the good with the bad and learning the valuable lesson from both is an invaluable tool towards growth, towards independence and towards whatever the future holds for you.

Be Realistic - Things Have Changed

Remember that you're not together anymore. He's not your man. His choices and actions are his own, and are ultimately his responsibility. They're not your concern anymore. You need to learn to let go for his wellbeing and your own. Take the focus off him and take a good look at yourself and how strong you are. If you've become aware of areas where you need to improve, take this time to grow in every way possible. Overcome negative behavior patterns that may have become the norm in your previous relationship. Develop your own uniqueness and get to know yourself better. Build yourself up positively and get ready to face whatever the future has to offer you. If you do want to get him back then that is always an option too.

You have grown and learned valuable lessons through this experience and you're stronger for it. Use that strength and those experiences to move forward and find your next big adventure that's waiting just around the corner. This is an invaluable time for growth and to develop and create new, exciting possibilities. There's a whole world out there that's waiting for you, and it's up to you to determine what you want to do with it. Grab life by the horns and go out and live it. Be true to yourself, learn from your shortcomings and be ready for everything that life has to offer.

Your Next Steps

Men move on so fast because they are different to women, but you can change this. It is possible that there are still very strong feelings still there, you just have to bring them to the surface and make him realise that you are the girl for him. What you need to do now is make him miss you, this is crucial if you want to get him back in your life. When he begins to realise how important you are to him, he will soon see the error of his ways.

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