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Why Doesn't My Ex Boyfriend Text Me Back? The Brutal Truth
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Why Doesn\'t My Ex Boyfriend Text Me Back? The Brutal Truth

You've got one burning question that you can't seem to come up with an answer to. Naturally, it focuses on the one person you love more than anything else in the world. It's your ex boyfriend and the nagging question pulling at you right now is why the man never answers your text messages. You've sent him a few and you have yet to hear back. Maybe he does respond occasionally but he's not displaying any type of emotion in his texts. You're frustrated, you're confused and you don't know what to do next. Before you send him another text, take a deep breath, put your phone down and gain some insight into how your ex boyfriend views all those texts you are sending to him.

Your Ex Boyfriend Is Blatantly Ignoring You

As women we often strive to find hidden meaning in the things our ex boyfriend's do. We want to try and explain away his disrespectful behavior and we tend to turn to friends to make that happen. If you confide in a close girlfriend that your ex never answers your text messages she will likely tell you that it's because he's overwhelmed with the knowledge that you're thinking of him or he's so concerned that he'll text back the wrong thing that he just doesn't text back at all. In our fairytale imaginations we want to believe this. It sounds ideal given the fact that you want your ex boyfriend to come running back. Unfortunately, it's not based in any degree of reality at all.

The cold, hard and unadulterated truth is that your ex boyfriend is simply ignoring you. He's not plotting any secret method to regain your attention, and there are absolutely no emotional games at play. The fact of the matter is that he's reading your text messages and he's making a conscious decision not to respond to them. You must accept that fact if you want to make any progress in your quest to get him to love you again.

He Won't Respond Until He's Ready

Men can be very stubborn when it comes to matters of the heart. If your ex boyfriend still feels something for you, he will eventually respond to you. The problem is that each and every time you send the man a text message telling him you miss him or saying you wish you two could talk, you're handing him a small piece of your heart. He knows, at any given moment, via your text messages, what you are feeling and thinking. That puts you at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to working towards an eventual reconciliation.

You stand a much greater chance of garnering a response from the man if you stop sending him any more messages. This sounds easy enough to do. For a woman who is desperately in love with her ex, it's like climbing a mountain. Every day proves challenging and the desire to text him almost becomes addictive.

You're going to worry that he'll meet someone new in the interim, or that he'll decide, because of your silence, that you're no longer interested in him. Those things aren't very likely to happen. What is much more likely is that your ex boyfriend will suddenly come to the realization that you've disappeared. He'll begin to wonder why that is and with each passing day of silence, his imagination will brew up increasingly elaborate scenarios. He'll think your disinterest in him is a direct result of your increased interest in another man. This will be more than enough to get your ex boyfriend texting you.

Prove To Yourself You Have Self Control

Texting your ex boyfriend may feel like something you have to do to get him to love you again. You have to reprogram your mind and heart into seeing that's not the case at all. By doing that you'll not only show your ex boyfriend that you're tired of chasing after him but you'll also prove to yourself that you have self control when it comes to your heart.

It's obvious that you love the man, but don't lose your dignity and self worth in your quest to regain his love. Men are much more attracted to women who are confident and those who don't chase after anyone because they know they are worth much more. By being quiet, and by giving up your text message chase, you'll be showing your ex, in no uncertain terms, that you're no longer going to make him the center of your universe. There's only one person that belongs there and that's you.

Moving Forward Starting Now

Beginning today you're going to stop sending your ex boyfriend text messages. It's important to give yourself a self-appointed break from him. Use this time to think about the woman you are and whether moving forward with your ex boyfriend is what you really want to do.

If it is, you'll need to understand the psychological triggers within your ex that will make him yearn to be with you again. He was your man once, and he loved you deeply. With the right insight and a well thought out approach you can show your ex boyfriend that there isn't another woman for him. It's all about appealing to him in a very specific way that makes you irresistible in his eyes.

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