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Why Your Female Friends Are Sabotaging Your Chances Of Getting Him Back After Separation
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If you're feeling despair, or just that terrible empty feeling when your husband is not home, I can totally understand this. Losing someone we love, even just in a separation, is extremely difficult.

You are not alone. Countless women separate from their husbands and have to deal with the trials of a breakup. Even if it's not a permanent separation, it's the anxiety, the uncertainty, that really weighs on you.

What's going to happen? What can you do to get him back? How can you restore the love in your marriage?

I'm here to tell you that it's possible to restore your marriage to a happy and healthy one - and it's going to be a lot more fun than you thought possible.

The key, ironically, is to focus on YOURSELF rather than on your husband.

After a breakup, what's the one thing you really want to do (aside from crying into a pillow?)

If you answered "call a friend," you're obeying a very natural and healthy instinct. And it's great to call a friend after separating with your significant other, because that allows you to unburden yourself of the emotional strain.

However, your friend is also going to give you (terrible) advice, because this is human nature. She wants to see you happy and help you, but she is not a qualified relationship expert.

Seeing that you trust her, you're going to unconsciously listen to her.

Sadly, this is going to perpetuate the cycle of conflict with your husband and it will NOT help you get him back after a separation.

In order to get him back after a separation, you need to:

1. Give yourself an emotional break - 30 days or so of no contact with him.

2. Allow yourself to have some fun. Go out with friends, do a little shopping, hang out with the kids. The important thing is to get your mind off the depression.

3. Feed yourself healthy foods and try to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day.

Follow these above three things and you'll start to feel better. Your mood will improve, and you will come to realize that your happiness is NOT dependent on him.

Remember - avoid listening to your friends when it comes to advice. Lean on them for emotional support and fun distractions, but simply take their words with a grain of salt... when it comes to your marriage.

After all, they don't know the intricate details of your marriage the way you do. And the only people who can repair your marriage are you and your husband.

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