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5 Figure Income Per Year - Video Game Testing Jobs Are Scams?
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5 Figure Income Per Year - Video Game Testing Jobs Are Scams?

I have been shocked by a new potential in make money online world today. There is a website that breaking the news where a kid called Matthew Johnson earned more than 5 figure income ($71,560 to be exact), just by testing a video game.

In the world of gaming industry, big company such as CAPCOM, EA Games, Blizzard and many more are willing to spend millions of dollar, for gamers to critics their game. Why this happen?

Their mission is simple. They want to enhance the game from time to time. The company wants to repair most of the mistakes available before they launch the game officially to the public.

Opportunity for Gamers

This is where we, as a gamers can take this opportunity to earn money by testing video games.

Matthew said that gamers are being paid around $20 to $50 an hour to test the games. That is just a small part of being a game tester. The really best part is we can get all the games for free. Yes, without spending a dime.

On top of that, the game company does not search for those who have degree or any qualification to test their games. They just need real gamers, which means those who loves to play video games.

I believe that this is a big opportunity for those who love games, and looking for ways to make money by doing what they love.

Why Big Companies Willing To Spend Their Money?

I have answered this question before. But let me make it clear. Based on research, if they managed to come out a bug-free game during the product launch, they are capable to make a profit around $50 to 80 million.

And most importantly, it will strengthen their company brand. Which make the satisfied gamers buy their next game again and again.

Does It Hard to Test A Game?

This is a common question asked by those who are interested to make money by testing video games. We just need to give our honest opinion about the game:

  • Performance.
  • Game play.
  • Bugs.
  • Main menu – Does it gamers friendly?

That’s it. In my opinion, it is very easy task for those who are addicted to video games. Imagine by doing this, we are capable to earn at least 3 to 4 figure income per month. At least we earn money from doing something that we really loved.

Is It A Scam Anyway?

The main problem is, there is a lot of scam opportunity out there about making money with video games. We just need to have a right guide and the right person who are willing to teach us, how to really make money online by testing video games.

Street Talk

I would love to get paid playing video games for 8 hours a day!

  about 1 decade ago

Yeah, I wish I can be part of it too. Thanks for leaving your comment Robbie. :)

  about 1 decade ago
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