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Free Xbox Games!
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Hey guys! This article is about me informing you guys on how to get Free Xbox Games for you or your children. It's very simple and easy! All you need is an email address to get started. Before you go ahead and sign up, read this whole article to get an idea of how this works, and why it is so good!

Ok, if you just wanna go and sign up first do so NOW.....(link to my site is at bottom and you can view more info. there and also sign up)

Once you have signed up and verified, you get 250 points to spend on free xbox games from amazon. But to get the best games, you must play games, complete mini surveys and do offers in order to stack up points! Took me an hour to get enough points for Halo 3!

Does this work?

You see, this site gets paid by advertisers to promote and display their offers/surveys to people around the world (its members) and thats us, and when we complete the ofers/surveys, we get paid a % of what the site gets paid from the advertisers, meaning this is the BEST way to get free xbox games online with minimal effort and maximum benefit! There are a lot of other 'GPT' sites online but this one is unique because it rewards it members through Amazon, and has so many opportunities to get $$$!

Doing offers:

Offers are very easy to do and take from a couple of seconds to 5-10 mins, the higher the time, the greater the amount of points gained eg. 10 min offer may equal $1-2.

Doing surveys:

Most surveys require your opinions on certain things, and are relatively straightforward but I have often heard people saying they click random stuff to get it 'over and done with'. Always answer each question carefully and remember to 'mark as complete' 1-2 mins after completing a survey.

Playing Games:

This is the best and easiest way to get points, as there are 5 games on the site that you can play for points!

Shooting Gallery: shoot the targets and get points for accuracy. Racing: get the fastest time over 5 laps, making sure not to hit the sides as this slows you down. TriPeaks Solitaire: solitaire but with three card pyramids. Jungle Tower 2: balance the blocks and stack as much as possible, as high as possible. Number Limbo: guess the lowest number that no one else guesses.

Number Limbo is the best game as the rewards vary between $40-50 every weekday and $70-80 every weekend!

Refering mates:

You can also get points/cash to order your free xbox games by telling your mates about this site over facebook, or twitter or any other social networking site, or even over email! You will get $1 for each member in the USA/UK or CANADA you refer and plus another of their total lifetime earnings! Plus, when they refer someone you get %3 and then $2 after your refferals' refferal refers someone! May sound confusing, but in simple terms.... A LOT OF CASH FOR basically NOTHING! Spread the word and get cash for just using your mouth!

So, I hope that I have convinced you about the reality of this site and how you CAN get free xbox games without even using a single penny or even entering any card details!

If you feel stuck or want help and tips on the offers, feel free to pm me and I will help you out!

Good Luck!

Street Talk

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