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Playstation 3 Yellow Light Of Death
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Playstation 3 Yellow Light Of Death

Most homes today own either a nintendo wii, playstation 3, xbox 360, or a combination of systems depending on how much you love video games (I know I do lol). Non the less, my focus for this topic is on the playstation 3 as I didn't realize how great of a console it was until finally playing it at my cousin's house a few months ago. Having access to netflix, the internet, and something that I wasn't use to since they came out, which are the blu-ray quality movies (which are awesome), and a plethora of quality video games.

About a month ago, we ran into a problem, which was that his system didn't cut on properly but we did notice that where the power lights were in the front of the system, they were instead a flashing yellow color. We thought it may have been a fluke, so we cut it off an on multiple times, but to no avail, the system did the same thing.

So I went online and did some research to why this was happening, and I was surprised to find out that in the past year or 2, this problem with the Ps3 was starting to happen more frequently with the owners. I was use to having this problem with the xbox 360 and the red light xbox error, but I didn't think the ps3 would share the similar fate over time.

After doing further research, I was able to figure out why the playstation's were having this error. When the systems are used over time, the hardware within the console will get hot and worn out. When the system gets overheated, it can't expend the heat correctly, so due to your system trapping all of that heat within the internal design, the console can't work correctly and thus the problem is created. The only option was to send the system back to sony since all of their tech support would know first hand what to do in order to fix this, but what I found out that went along with this was just INSANE.

When you send in your system to sony, they could take up to 6 weeks or more for them to diagnose your problem, fix it, and send it back to you. Along with this, they erase all of your hard drive data and they charge you up to 200 dollars...yes you heard me correctly...200 DOLLARS. So let me get this straight Jonathan, you're telling me that if I don't intentionally do anything to break my system, get an error code and want to fix it, I have to pay 200...that's exactly what I'm saying! I don't find that fair at all especially after most of the systems cost anywhere between 200 to 400 dollars alone and no telling when this error may occur.

Searching for other tech support online, I came across a guy named Rob Sheffield that has been professionally repairing Ps3 systems since they first came out. He would explain that the problem was simple and could be fixed from your home, which was a big relief. my cousin and I split the cost of the repair kit he was offering (no where near 200 dollars lol) and received it a week later.

The guide includes an instructional manual, a pdf guide online, a dvd to watch in real time , pictures to follow step by step, access to online support and a members areas to learn how to fix other problems your system may acquire over time, such as the 3 beeps issue, a freezing screen when playing a game, and audio problems just to name a few. They were even showing how to fix the blue ray drive if something happens to loading the disk, a first that I've seen since specialized technicians only deal with fixing the drives.

We used the guides dvd in combination with the picture book to confirm steps, and 2 hours later, we were playing Uncharted and Borderlands again. Yesss!!! lol. All we did was take our time and followed exactly what we were supposed to do, and we got it done, which was a relief after all of that searching for the appropriate help.

One thing I've learned from this is that all of our beloved electronics and entertainment will not be here forever, but the proper care and attention given to them when the time comes will ensure that they last a lot longer than normal. Whether you use this guide to fix your system or help others, you certainly won't regret having to wait for ever to get your system back, paying a arm and leg, and trying to get back all of your precious game saves.

Take action and make sure that when the time comes, you can effectively fix your yellow light of death and keep on gaming!

Street Talk

Thanks for the article and heads up. I have a ps3 and its a fat ps3 probably over 5-6 years old and I hope I don't run into this!

  about 1 decade ago
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