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Being a Mother of three children, I know how lost we can let our children get in television and video games. Some people like to say "is your child watching television, or is your television watching them"? Well, I'm my case, I say both. I have to admit my children DO watch television and play video games pretty much every day. When my children are finished with the things they are supposed to do throughout the day (ie..chores, homework, feeding animals & playtime outdoors) I feel it perfectly fine for them to relax in front of the tube or play a few video games. Not only does it give me (the Mother) time to prepare a healthy dinner for my family, my children are sitting content with one another, that in itself is a win-win for me!

My son chooses to play video games probably 3 days a week and doesn't play very long. Maybe 30 minutes, or so at a time. His choice of video play is football, sometimes baseball or other sports. He is very athletic for his age, he excels and gives his best in every sport he plays. I have always been there to cheer/coach him on!

That being said, I go back to video gaming- I feel my son has learned a lot about sports FROM video games. I know he has his father (whom isn't much on sports [other than our children who play sports] or very knowledgeable in the area of sports) oddly enough, I am more into sports and watching them than my husband, my sons Father.

I can ask my son how the game of rugby is played, and he will have th answer and most of the rules! I am utterly amazed at times in how he knows so much about a sport, and I so little, considering I was raised in a sports loving family. Football details, positions, team stats and player stats is nothing but a breeze for him! He tries to help me understand the things behind football, other than guys dressed in hefty safety gear, tackling and touchdowns.

Most of the time it is hard for me to absorb most of what he tells me. I ask him a simple question- "How is it, you are so young and have only been around the game of football (and baseball) for many lesser years than I and you know far more? His reply "Mom, it's simple, you just have to pay attention to the game to understand it, but honestly I learned a lot because I play video games...they are fun and I actual learn something". Wow! "Son, ya got me there, what else do I say to that, good job, I'm super glad you learn while ya play son"! Happy gaming!

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