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Game Capture Software Makes It Easy To Record Gameplay, Edit, Then Brag Or Share With Others
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Game capture software is becoming an integral part of playing console games. So many of the most popular games require both strategy and skill, and the best way to teach these skills and strategies to others is to capture the game video as you are playing.

In the past this has been doable, but not just anyone had the video capture and editing hardware, software and skills necessary to do a good job.

With game capture software, which typically includes necessary hardware less any console specific cables, it is no longer a difficult process to capture screen action while you play the game.

Once you have finished recording the game screen action you wish to work with, the video editing software on your PC allows you to edit out sections, add voice overs and even include transitions between sections of game video.

What are some of the reasons you may want game recording software?

  • You may wish to record your video game play to re-examine it later on and learn better tactics
  • You might use it as part of instruction to others or example on a blog you have or forum you belong to
  • Perhaps you wish to save it simply to remember a great game
  • Video can prove your bragging rights!

So how does the gameplay recording software work?

The one game recording program that I am most familiar with comes with a piece of hardware that captures the audio and video on the way to the TV that you are connected to.

That piece of included hardware then routes the information to a laptop or other PC with a USB cable. The PC captures the data in digital format and brings it into a video editing program that is also included.

I might add that this screen capture and editing software is tailor made for ease of use by most anyone; it is not difficult to learn or use.

Personally I spend a bit of time playing Drake Uncharted on the PS3 game console, and while I would like to think I have mastered the game there are a couple of scenes that seem to defy logic in order to conquer.

If I can record my gameplay as I am battling through these tough spots I can review what I did right and wrong at a later time when I can relax and study what really happened.

Part of my hope is to discover a 'secret' method that will work every time!

Once I have that part of a successful gameplay recorded I can then use it to brag, sure, but more importantly to pass on tips to others.

If I cannot master that portion of the game, I can upload the recording and ask other masters what I have done wrong.

Game capture software adds both value and fun to any game you want to play on your Xbox 360 or PS3 game console.

Learn more about the game recording program that I am using to hone my skills and, yes, brag a little when the opportunity comes along.

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