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Getting The Best Kinect Mounts
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Are you one of the many Xbox 360 Kinect owners looking for Kinect mounts? If you're not a wary consumer, then start today. There are tons of manufacturers out there just waiting the get their hands on your money and in return give you a flimsy product.

Smart, Xbox 360 consumers (like you) are looking for great quality third party accessories within their budget. Before you click the "buy" button, there are certain criteria to look for.

Is the product licensed by Microsoft? Manufacturers must go though a lengthy process before Microsoft aproves. First they have to present their product to Microsoft. To make sure the product is of good enough quality to be licensed, it goes through a rigorous testing. If the manufactures pass every thing, they then have to pay to use the logo that  will identify the product as licensed by Microsoft!

This dramatically reduces the risk of buying a junky product. If Microsoft, one of the most successful companies in the world, is willing to back it, then it probably won't fall apart after a week's use.

Is the licensed product sold by a trusted retailer? They may says it's the product, but you could be buying a fake or might never receive it! If it's a shady site, then steer clear. Based on thousands of reviews, Amazon is one of the most trusted online retailers today and they sell licensed Kinect mounts.

Look for brands and manufacturers with good reputations. Do they consistently make high quality products? This doesn't guarantee that what you buy is worth the money, but is still a good indicator of what to expect when you open the box.

All of the previous criteria will help weed out bad products, but again, that is never a guarantee. If you are still not convinced that it is a good product, then check out what your fellow consumers are saying! Amazon is a great place to find reviews and find even more by typing product name + reviews in your favorite search engine.

However, a consumer should not believe everything they read. It is sad to say that there are companies that will pay for good reviews. If a review sounds unnatural, then it is probably fake. These reviews will most likely repeat the product name and only talk about the positives and the only "con" is that they didn't get it soon enough! Look for reviews that are natural and not overly promotional.

Now that you have that information, find the kinect mount for your needs.

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