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How To Fix Ps3 Ylod?
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If you are here reading this article, that means either you are having a broken PS3 or facing a problem of YLOD known as Yellow Light of Death. This is a very common error which every PS3 is having now a days. Sony will never accept that there is a problem in their system rather they would ask you to send your PS3 to them to get it repaired.

Its very irritating when you are playing and all of a suddent that yellow light of death appears. That light can cause a complete failure and you can lose your data if not handled properly. Now the questions comes, how to get it repaired...

Well, If you wanna spend almost around $200 and the courier charges (you will bear) and also can wait 6 long weeks to get it repair then you should definitely send it to Sony.

Sending to sony your PS3 never gives you guranatee that YLOD will not happen again. The first thing is that we should learn what is the reason for getting YLOD again and again. The main cause which I found is "over heating".

Yes, over heating is the main cause and the easiest solution can be just switch off the consol, wait for it to cool down and then again start playing but we know that this is not the right choice.

The other option is to send it to some third party to get it repaird, that could be less expensive then sony but again can not guarantee a permanent solution and on the other hand they can wipe out your consol's hard disk drive and you can lose all your saves.

PS3 is no doubt is the best console by Sony but the problem of ylod or red light of death or red screen and a range of other problems can sometime be irritating but there is a solution to your problems now.

No no.. you dont' need to send your PS3 to me but fortunately you can repair it yourself at home very easily and that too within one hour and without spending much of the money. The solution is permanent and is very very cheap then sony and third party vendors.

You can fix not only the YLOD but lot of other errors yourself if took the repair properly.

I do not suggest it if your PS3 is under warranty and if you use the guide and void warranty then you be the sole repsonible for voiding the guarantee.

Thanks, Shaishav

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