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Pre Order Limited Edition Halo 4 Console
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Pre Order Limited Edition Halo 4 Console

The limited edition halo 4 console is coming out and ready for preorder. The halo 4 console designed by developers at 343 industries embodies work of art and technological prowess in one. Being an ultimate Halo fan myself this will readily liven up the halo 4 gaming experience. Thinking whether I should pre order limited edition halo 4 console I did some research and came up with these facts.

The limited edition console has a few add-ons over its conventional counterpart the Xbox 360 slim. Its greatest feature is that it consumes lesser electricity than the slim version.


• Halo 4 Bundle Limited Edition:

o Limited edition halo 4 console

o Controller (2 wireless)

o The game (halo 4)

o Hard Drive – 320 Gb

o Xbox LIVE DLC code ( DLC-downloadable content; allows you to download extra features of the game)

o Headset (wired)

• Wi-Fi: Integrated 802.11n Wi-Fi

• Black Xbox Live headset: Multiplayer gameplay is much easier (in game chatting). Chat enabled in Xbox live

• Artwork: Both the wireless controllers and limited edition console are designed with stunning artwork of halo 4, making it as an added attraction for true halo fans. The console user interface has incorporated the original soundtrack of the halo 4 game.

Custom content is available in game with the Xbox Live code (downloadable content).

• Allows for access to armor skin (unique)

• Emblem is custom and unique

• The avatar armor is matching

• Avatar prop is unique

The console is great in that it allows access for many different types of multiplayer modes. This makes the experience even greater for an already great game. The Spartan ops and war games give us a lot of new stuff. This includes new deadly weapons, flashy awesome new vehicles, and some crazy cool armor improvements and design.

Hard drive for this console is 320GB and is quite frankly more than enough for anything that you think you can do with an Xbox, be it downloading content, such as movies, music or browsing the net (let’s not forget about gaming!).

The game itself as all of the halo franchise is a thrilling experience. The storyline comprises of a set of intended trilogy known as RECLAIMER TRILOGY. The return of the penultimate hero of the Halo universe aka Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 helps the cause. Halo 4 storyline picks up four years after the events of Halo 3.

The console seems to be a little bit on the pricey side but this being Halo 4 and probably one of the last great modified consoles to come out for Xbox 360, the common consensus is that it will be a collector’s item.

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