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The Family Fun Sony Playstation 3
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The Family Fun Sony Playstation 3

I got this gaming entertainment system, the Sony PlayStation 3 for my family on the Christmas of 2011. It was my hope that I could have my children play lots of different games on it.

Because we have had it for almost 2 years, I believe I can give you an honest, helpful and maybe give you some ideas if you so choose to buy one for yourself, or your family:

  • *If you have a family, I think that this game system is most age appropriate with the 4 year olds all the way up to the 94 year old people!
  • *There are games like "Start the Party", which is great for our toddlers, pre-schoolers, and heck, anyone who likes to play with their children!
  • *One of our favorites, which a lot of other people have liked as well is Little Big Planet 1 & 2, and now LBP Karting. It's a favorite among many people, PLUS you can play up to 4 people on that game, and even play up to 8 online! That makes it really nice so most of the time, no one is left out.

Downfalls are most of the games are only 1 player, but a few have 2 player.

Of course, there are games for the 3-6th graders, High School kids and College age alike. Granted, the Ratings differ from T-Teen or M-Mature.

You have to make those decisions to allow your children to play games, or not.

It's also a Blu-Ray Player as well! You can save your $100 that you planned on spending on one, and just use your Playstation 3.

So, you should also know that the game discs are all blu-ray, and have that quality that goes along with it. It also has the HDMI outputs, so you can hook that system up to your new flat screen TV with HDMI, or higher end computer LCD/LED screens.

There are also options to use the "Move" Motion Controller as well. For games like "Start the Party", "Sports Champions" "Dance in Motion" or Little Big Planet 2. You set up a camera, and it detects it, you set it, and then synchronize the two together, to get harmony between them.

Why I Love it?

Well, there's so many different games to play on it! You have an instant Blu-Ray player, so many different ages can play..Although, for Toddlers and some pre-schoolers, the games are some what limited, which makes it a slight downer. It's a very good quality game console, and it costs about the same as a very good video card, and it will cost you your teenage son/daughter to spend less than the newest Intel's I7-3770K CPU gamer computer, Granted, it's $300, and it doesn't have the SAME exact quality as a high-end computer with a great video card, but what the heck, it's a lot more affordable to most people.

You can also access the internet on it, because it has it's own browser, by Sony. Pretty cool, aye? Computer on the game system!

What do I hate about it?

Not too much. It's a lot more affordable than most computers that won't play games you want to play, especially for $300. It obviously doesn't have the same crisp, super speed as a gamer computer, but like I've said before, it's a ton cheaper, and most parents would appreciate spending $300, instead of $1300!

Tech Spec's:


HDMI Outputs

2 USB'

3 pounds.

It's Central processing unit, or cpu, or processor from Sony, a RSX Cell Broadband Engine.

320-500 Gigabyte Hard Drive for photos, videos, and of course game saves. Some of the Playstations have less of a hard drive.

The Playstation 3 games are not compatible with the Sony PlayStation 2.

*So, having the PS3 is like having...

  • an awesome video gaming machine with very good to great graphics!
  • Having internet access: Able to browse the web on the Sony browser.
  • You can watch streamed movies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, VUDU(after added) and other programs,such as YouTube!

Sony also has many different options to join other players internationally for games like Little Big Planet 2 and Karting from LBP. I am sure there are lots more out there, at the moment, I just don't have them. Sony also has a "gamers" site that allows you to play games for free. This is where you can download demos, and see other types of games.

You can watch Sony type videos that advertise their coming up games. And most of the times you can even get Free demos to play, without obligation. This is one reason that you want to go with a 320-500 Gig hard drive.

You can do these things:

  • Download demo games, as well as whole games. (I personally like to have the disk for the full game)
  • Store photos( mine has a 320 Gb hard drive)
  • Store Videos from your videocamera.

Just an all around great video game system for the entire family!

Pros: It's very affordable for the family, and a great alternative for a gaming computer.

Cons: Not the same components as of a gaming computer, and only 1 player games

The Bottom Line: For someone who really likes computer games, is on a budget, able to access the internet, it's like having a computer(But for $300!!)

Until Playstation IV! To be continued....

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