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Dormer Loft Conversion Styles - Great Option For Home Extension In Bolton
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Dormer Loft Conversion Styles  -  Great Option for Home Extension In Bolton

Are you planning to get a home extension to add extra space to your house? Using up the attic space or loft conversion is a very good option to get more living space. Hire a renowned architect who will carry out the task for your property.

Home is a very expensive investment that one makes in a lifetime. Once you plan to build a new home, it needs finance, planning and management. While constructing or renovating a house, dormers play a vital role.

Using the attic space

A loft conversion is a very popular option for extending the existing space in your house. It includes creating extra floor space or extra headroom. There was a time when only ‘dormer windows’ existed where a tiny window is present in the roof space. But gradually with time homeowners started adding entire rooms into the lofts. This home extension involves extending the roof space at the rear side of the roof. Once the conversion is successful, there are vertical windows, horizontal ceiling and walls. The floor space is unimaginably increased, so this is the best loft design.

The most preferable choice

Now it is easy to renovate the unused roof space and now you can have any number of windows in the rooms. Majority bungalows and terrace houses choose this style because it can enhance the living space only if the task is undertaken sensibly. You can enjoy enhanced value of your property and staying together with your family.

Take a look at the options

Dormer extensions comes in various sizes, designs and configuration but some of the very common styles are:

Flat Roof - This style is the most preferred choice for the ones who are only looking forward to enhanced space. But the biggest turn off is that is does not look attractive externally but is a great choice if your loft does not have much space. This style can offer versatility in building the staircase.

Shed Roof - This is also known as ‘the eyelid style’ where a long simple roof exists at an angle to the existing roof top. This can offer more space when compared to other options.

Gable Fronted and Hipped Attic - This looks the most pleasing offering style to the house but you cannot enjoy too much space. It is an expensive option and the gable wall is either made of block work, brickwork or tiles.


Finally after getting services related to dormer extensions in Bolton, the look and shape of your home changes to a great extent. Due to this reason, planning permission is very important. In order to make sure that the structure of the house is strong to have extra rooms, you need to get house and loft survey. A company specializing in offering services related to new builds in Bolton will draw the floor plans and help you sail smoothly through the project.

Dormers offer a new look to you home but costs pretty less when compared to any outward extension. Have a successful construction.

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