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The Significance And Usage Of Jack Screws
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Even in the largest of machines and equipment, the significance of tiny components such as screws and nuts cannot be overlooked. There are as many different types of screws as there are applications. These little components primarily carry out the important task of fastening two or more objected together.

Jack screws are among the myriad of screws available in the market today. This particular variety of screws is significant mainly because it is widely used in the electronics, telecommunication, and electrical industry.

Uses and applications

Jack screws are mainly used with standoffs for securing two different components at a controlled distance from each other. When an application requires that two objects or layers have a specified distance between them, such screws are the first choice. Jack type screws could be supplied with or without a washer or nut depending on the exact nature of the application in question. Permanently attached washers on such screws ensure that once the screw has been installed, there is no chance of loosening in the future.

You will likely find that your computer monitor or CPU features this screw type. In multi-layered PCBs, these screws are used with standoffs so as to maintain a specified distance between two or more layers. In addition, this particular screw type is also found on wire harness plugs. They are also used in several other types of electronic components and equipment. Hence, there is a growing demand for such screws among the electronics industry.

Important considerations pertaining to jack screws

No matter where these screws are used, users essentially look for important features such as corrosion, secure fastening capabilities, and ease of usage. Given the miniscule size of these screws, installing them rapidly can sometimes be a rather tedious process. This problem can be mitigated by using a jack screw that has well-threaded turning axis and a screw head with the right type of slotting.

To inhibit corrosion, the most prudent thing to do would be to opt for aluminum, brass, steel or stainless steel screws with nickel or zinc plating. This is regarded as the best way to prevent corrosion-related problems. If your application is prone to continued vibration, the screws could possibly loosen over time as a result. Experts recommend using nylon patched jack screws to address this problem. Another important aspect that you should discuss with your chosen fastener distributor is the right type of threading, diameter, and length combinations.

Other code-compliance considerations

In keeping with growing inclination of enterprises towards RoHS, WEE, and REACH, there has been a parallel rise in the demand for market steel jack screws that do not have traces of lead. Screws that are manufactured using 12L14 leaded steel are usually not the best choice as they comprise lead. However, screws that are manufactured using C1215 contain no lead making them environment-friendly.

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