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What Are The Most Used Types Of Steel In Construction?
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Steel is undoubtedly established as the material of choice in residential and commercial applications. In terms of pipe fitting, it is almost universally used due to its strength, durability and flexibility. Of course there are different types of steel for different applications, and each of these boast subtle variations and alternative advantages to suit their purpose. After all, pipes carry different materials, and so must withstand heavy corrosion and natural elements over time.

What is Carbon Steel and Why is it Used?

Carbon steel is the strongest and most durable type of steel available. It is suited to the demands of pipe fitting like no other material, and has been fortified by various metallic elements. Iron based and containing manganese, it is the element of carbon which acts as the main strengthening agent that protects it against wear and tear. Carbon steel is also exceptionally malleable, and so can be cast into many different shapes and casts.

Carbon steel is unique in that it is both strong and flexible. This is why it is preferred by constructors when they are fitting new or extending existing pipes. Pipe networks in both residential and commercial builds are often subject to expansion or modifications, and so being flexible and able to withstand pressure and vibrations is key. Carbon steel is therefore the ideal choice in standard pipe fitting applications, and also benefits from not being an especially expensive metal.

What is Galvanized Steel and Why is it Used?

Galvanized steel is utilized in far more specific applications of steel pipe work. It is typically coated with a zinc layer to protect it, and this then makes it suitable for funneling highly corrosive substances. With its existing strength and the addition of Zinc, galvanized steel becomes resistant to long term water damage or corrosion caused by flammable gases. This means that steel tubes which have been galvanized are not likely to rust or erode over time.

This has two key benefits. Firstly, the added durability and resistance to corrosion increases the longevity of the pipe work significantly. This also applies to each individual pipes fittings. Without the need for consistent maintenance work, galvanized steel pipes can be laid or fitted without the risk of considerable disruption to roads or households. Private and public companies can also reduce their costs by performing less maintenance or repair work.

The Bottom Line

These types of galvanized and carbon steel pipes are widespread across a range of construction activities, both in new builds and restoration work. They offer the ultimate peace of mind to those who have them installed, as well as being the most economic choice for private firms and public bodies. In essence, the deliver a win-win situation for everybody, as they emerge as increasingly popular in the year 2011.

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