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Get Local And Be Local
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Get Local And Be Local

  • Did you now, that every day you are contributing to the planet destruction?
  • Did you know, that most of the things you buy are the incredible amount of plastic which end up in the middle of Atlantic forming a big plastic island?
  • Did you know that buying outside your local market you are contributing for the distraction of your city and yourself?

In big cities, there is an incredible number of objects and products purchased and not used by consumers, and some even have never been used since the day it was purchased, creating a quantity of garbage, increasing the amount of plastic waste on our planet And helping producers to extract more minerals from our earth by the demand of our wasteful consumption...

Each one of us, is responsible for everything that we have purchased, but a few times we think about the decomposition of the products we buy..

Hey people of the world lets think twice, we have to stop being distracted and when a big event is on the air like the end of the world, we happy to make a joke like " in poor countries the end of the world was canceled announced by the UN because those countries have no structure for those types of events" and not taking it seriously when is real the destruction of our planet..

Think LOCAL consume LOCAL act GLOBAL, is a well known phrase that makes us think twice when we read it or hear it... SO THINK TWICE..

Your local market is the key... Saving all the waste than comes with when you need something to buy, saving time, saving the planet...

Think local and Look around you, you will see what you did not see before..

  • Get local food
  • Local toys
  • Get from Local shops
  • Get local inspiration
  • Do local and be local

Local products are most of the time the best, less chemicals good products, but has we are educated to buy from outside and consume other people products, let's don't forget that like that we are killing our local market..

Buy local food, eat in local restaurants, buy in local shops, get local goods, we are contributing not just to save the planet, as well to developing our neighborhood, cities, countries or even continent, by leaving the money locally, where all together pay tax in developing our home.

Local is for lovers of the town...for those who appreciate their town, their local market, their local business, their local food, their local entertainment, their local Tv, their local music, their local nature, their local weather, protecting their local market and the development of their city.

Botabusiness is here to help you find what you need next to you, helping everybody to reduce waste and support the local market..whom will pay tax together with you, to pay for education, health, the streets of the development of your city.

I believe that a human being has to work together and for each other to succeed...traveling around the world, there's no place to escape from the waste we are creating every day, so botabusiness have decided to help you helping all of us reduce the amount of waste of our planet..

By Tsala - MH

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