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Why Do Employees Leave And How To Retain Them
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Why Do Employees Leave And How to Retain Them

It might come as a striking surprise for many that at a time of exceedingly harsh economic climate, with the US unemployment rate hitting double-digit numbers for the first time in decades, the majority of those who leave their jobs do so because they quit, rather than because they are laid off. As plentiful research shows losing talent and skill is the last thing an organization needs no matter if times are tough or good. Failure to retain employees can lead to temporary lows in productivity, heightened costs of training, diminished customer satisfaction and product quality as well as lots of other collateral costs. The first year after a seasoned staffer quits is particularly unfavorable from an economic point of view, costing a company much more than just a salary for a replacement. There is no point trying to eliminate an employee turnover altogether since it is largely natural, but there are a few techniques that can counteract this powerful trend in a workplace.

The main reasons why good employees resign from work are discontent with conditions, particularly remuneration, social package or atmosphere, a perceived lack of progress potential or a better offer from competition, alternatively self-employment. All of them easily lend themselves to turning around so that an old workplace can regain an upper hand as an employer of choice.

Employees, especially the young ones, are often repelled by an antiquated structure of some corporations, inflexible and dedicated to one-size-fits-all employment solutions. Instead of relying on individual talent and recognizing contributions at a grassroots level, they are built around following procedures and carrying out routines. A degree of personalization can help retouch this image and give more satisfaction to footloose employees. This can concern making the position itself more fitting to custom characteristics of a staffer, avoiding delegating the wrong type of tasks to the wrong type of personalities. It might also mean exposing some to more challenges or encouraging experimentation. Personalization can additionally include financial rewards other than the salary. It shows consideration and interest to know what kind of bonus or gratification to confer on your employees to make them feel satisfied.

Since many leave because they are unhappy with what the culture or an organization is like, it may help to involve employees in shaping or improving it so that they can feel they wield influence over their workplace, some motivational speakers say. Few people are strong enough to carry on working at a place where values are at odds with their own or where the communications system goes against their perceptions of what is appropriate. Whenever it is a matter of some widely recognized fault on the part of a company, employee voices should be heeded.

With lack of future prospects ranking high on a quitting complaints list, organizations might consider investing in corporate training or other types of professional education. Corporate training programs can provide a much-needed extra stimulus to both worn-down employees and the business itself, influencing not just workforce retention but core results as well.

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