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You Worth The Number Of Books You Read
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Writing has been the best way to store information since ancient times. There have been some lofty situations and experiences which have been handed down to our age through writing. Therefore the onus then lies on us to read and learn the positive knowledge it connotes.

I just finished an eBook and I am marveled at the knowledge that was hidden therein. I believe if we want to escape the misfortunes of life, one ought to learn to be an avid reader of good books.

Reading has aided me to meet the greatest people in history, learnt from their good decisions and the flaws they made during their journey to attain success.

Writing has helped us to keep the secrets and the most important ideals one needs to build a better and victorious life. As the hand and the pen works together, so as reading and writing goes hand in hand with one another.

If you allow a dog to come and bite you while there is a stick right beside you, then you suffer at your own peril. When one advertises his ignorance while he could have developed himself by reading, this person is off no good than the person who cannot read.

Aside improving upon your vocabulary base, reading also helps us to learn new knowledge from the author. It also saves the reader ample time from the wrong decisions he might have made in his real life.

I have gotten to know that, “a man is worth the number of books he reads” by Emerson. This evolves the question that, how many books have you read so far?

Most great inspirational leaders, presidents and business executives didn’t leave their guard down but they were mindful of everyday reading to continuously improve themselves as the days go by. They were never complacent but rather they gave themselves to the reading of good books to improve upon their knowledge and information base.

I will continuously to read so far as I live and in as much I do, I believe you will also not let your guard down, you will not advertise your ignorance while your good book lies right beside you.

I admonish you to be an avid reader of good books; I keep saying good books because when you feed your mind with unworthy information you might find yourself in a nonreturnable state of mind.

Let’s keep to increasing the number of good books we read and we will be amazed at the improvement our bodies will experience.

I thank you for such a wonderful time with me again and I say I am most grateful.

Have a good one.

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