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Cook With A Halogen Oven For Fast Healthy Food
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Cook With A Halogen Oven For Fast Healthy Food

I’m not sure many people realize that when you cook with a halogen oven, you add no fat at all, not even to roasted potatoes. In fact, halogen ovens don’t seem to have become widespread enough yet for people to consider them purely because of the features and advantages they offer - I had no idea myself.

Mine was bought in a moment of desperation for more oven cooking space, and rarely does an impulse buy like this turn into a new way of cooking that you and the family love, but this one has.

They look a bit futuristic and geeky with the big glass bowl you cook in, but looks can be deceptive and they cook like a dream. Some of the advantages to cooking with halogen ovens are not openly obvious, not adding any fat to food is one, their amazing cooking speed is another.

Cooking With A Halogen Oven Is Fast

Halogen ovens are reputed to cook at the same speed as a microwave, which mine does not! However, it will roast a 5lb chicken plus root vegetables and potatoes for four in an hour, about a third faster than the conventional oven – excluding the heating up time which halogen ovens don’t need, this in itself takes another ten minutes off the overall cooking time.

Making quick jacket potatoes and other similar meals where microwaves leave food soft instead of crispy, are another feature I love. Potatoes can be put on full power in the microwave for 5 minutes or until partially cooked, then put into the halogen oven to finish off and crisp up for ten minutes. They come out exactly as if they’d been in the main oven for an hour or more.

Because the bowl is clear glass, you can watch everything cook – which can be a real time waster when the oven first arrives. Personally I couldn’t stop watching things rise and brown in front of me – you have full 360 degree vision on everything. Soufflés are no longer the art of guesswork and experience, they are now very much under your control, as is anything you put into it.

The Halogen Oven Hinged Lid Model Helps

The only real issue with them is the lid, in which the super heated glass bulb sits. The lid is heavy and has to be removed for access which is fine after a bit of practice, but definitely daunting to start with.

Also because the lids are quite heavy, folks with any weakness in hands, wrist, elbows and shoulders may find this awkward. To date as far as I’m aware, only one model offers an attached lid which gets around this and offers additional safety and that’s the Secura Turbo oven, but I’m thinking other manufacturers are sure to follow.

Given everything cooks in a smaller space and at very high temperatures, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when power bills start falling, however the amount our bills fell was a real revelation. Heating a full sized oven to cook a small meal for two people or even four, isn’t time or energy efficient - and boy do you pay for it each and every time.

There can’t be many of us who relish cleaning up after a meal - so what is a halogen oven like to clean? Cleaning is mostly very easy and done with a wipe around. When they need a more thorough clean, the bowl can go into the sink or dishwasher. The bowls are quite heavy and need a little care, about 12lb I’d guess. The top just needs wiping regularly to keep it sparkling.

Being able to use and cook with a halogen oven has been a revelation in low fat cooking, lower power bills and fast food that tastes superb.

One of these days, the secret about cooking with halogen ovens is going to get out!

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