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How To Barbaque Food Safely
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How To Barbaque Food Safely

In this article I am going to help you to cook some great barbequed food and do it safely. We do not want anyone getting burned or sick. Its pretty important in my mind that we follow some simple rules to cooking on the barbecue.

First and foremost you should always turn the propane tank off when you have finished cooking. Propane is highly explosive and we would not want to burn our house down. Also it gets a little expensive every time you go out to turn your BBQ on and it is out of gas because someone left the dial on.

Don't let your food sit on the counter for any amount of time before you BBQ. Cover it up with some sort of wrap and leave it in the fridge until your ready to cook it. Especially chicken,you could get really sick so be careful when it comes to handling your meat products unless of course you are a vegetarian in which case you do not have to worry about it. I myself do not like the thought of meat lying around open for flies and other insects to lay eggs on. Also when preparing food make sure to keep different types of meat separate, on a different cutting board or at least wash the one you have before working on your next protein and don't let cooked food and raw food touch.

Make sure when you do start to cook that you cook particular meats all the way through. Chicken should not be pink in the middle. Some cuts of beef that people like can be cooked rare and medium rare etc.. You can always refer to cooking times to be sure. A lot of people who BBQ can tell by the feel of there type of protein. Its a learn as you go kind of deal but as a rule make sure to cook completely.

When your cooking at night make sure you have a porch light on so you can see what your cooking. If you cant see it your probably gonna burn it or overcook it at the very least. Not to mention its kind of dangerous.Wouldn't want you to burn yourself on a scolding hot barbaque.

If you have an animal don't let it run around the BBQ so someone could trip and seriously get injured. Keep sparky in the house or in the yard away from the grill and if you start your BBQ you should always stay with it. Longer utensils are a safe bet as you will not have to reach all the way across the BBQ with a fork and get a burn.

I personally cook with a propane barbaque but you can use natural gas or even charcoal briquettes. They all work great just be safe when you use them.

Barbaque grill covers are the final step. When you finish all your cooking Turn Off The Gas and let your BBQ cool down and then you can put your cover on.

I hope I have helped someone out there on how to barbaque safely.

Cheers Paul.

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Thanks for the tips, you made me hungry!

  about 9 years ago

Haha your welcome, sounds like you like the bbq too. lol

  about 9 years ago
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