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Let's Start Canning Part 2
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Let\'s Start Canning Part 2

In Let’s Start Canning Part 1, I discussed the tools needed to start home canning. Now I would like to guide you to make your first batch of home canned vegetables. We will start with one of the easiest vegetables, in my opinion, green beans.

What you will need:

  • Canning equipment
  • Fresh green beans – I suggest enough beans for a full canner or 7 quarts. A quart jar will hold approximately 2 pounds or 36 quarts per bushel. Use fresh beans never old limp beans.
  • Canning salt – This must be canning salt, not table salt. Using table salt will make your beans cloudy. Use canning salt for everything.
  • White vinegar – I will explain this use later.
  • Boiling water
  • Canning jars, rings and lids – You must use canning jars. Jars that were bought in the store, like mayonnaise, peanut butter, etc. should never be used. These jars are not made to take the high pressure in a canner and can explode.
  • Thick towels for setting hot jars on

Step 1: Jars and Lids

Wash the jars with hot, soapy water or place in the dish washer. Drop your lids and rings into boiling water and let boil 8 minutes then turn off. Leave lids in hot water until ready to use. I advise using a lid lifter to remove from the water. You can get these at Walmart, or it may come with a canning kit.

Step 2: Boil Water

Use a large kettle or stock pot for boiling water. This will be used fill the jars after the beans have been packed in.

Step 3: Prepare the Beans

Wash your beans then trim both ends. You can leave your beans whole or if you prefer, cut into 2 inch pieces. I leave all my beans whole, unless they are too long for the jar then I snap the beans in half.

Step 4: Heat Pressure Canner

Wash your pressure canner before using. Add 4 inches of hot water and add 2 Tbl. of white vinegar. Adding vinegar to the canner water will keep a film buildup off the jars, caused by chemicals in the water. Let this heat on low, with the lid off, while you fill your jars.

Step 5: Pack Beans in Canning Jars

Pack the jars tight leaving a 1-inch head space. This is needed for expansion during the heating process. Add 1 Tsp. of salt to each jar.

Step 6: Pour in Boiling Water

Using a ladle, carefully fill each packed jar with boiling water. The beans should be covered leaving 1 inch head space. Using a clean towel, wipe the rim of each jar.

Step 7: Lids and Rings

Place lids on jars and seal by putting a ring on and screwing it down snugly. Do not over tighten, just make it snug. Make sure the canner water has not evaporated. If it has, add more water to bring up to 4 inches.

Step 8: Placing Jars

Using the jar lifter, set jars inside the canner. Make sure they are setting on the canner rack, do not set on canner bottom. You can fit seven quarts inside. When you have all jars in place put canner lid on and lock into place. Do not put the weight on yet and open valve, depending on type of canner. Turn heat to high, letting the canner vent steam for approximately 10 minutes. This will remove the airspace from the inside of the canner.

Step 9: Build Pressure

When the 10 minutes is up, replace the weight on canner closing the openings. Let the pressure build to 10 pounds. Once the gauge is at 10 pounds, set the timer for 25 minutes, maintaining the 10 pounds of pressure by adjusting the heat.

If you have a canner with a weight and not a pressure gauge, be sure the gauge is set on the 10-pound opening. Let the pressure build until you hear a strong, constant “jiggling." Turn the heat down slowly until it only jiggles once every five seconds and time for 25 minutes.

When the time is up, turn off heat and let the canner cool. NEVER force a canner to release pressure, always let it cool down slowly. This normally takes 45 minutes to an hour. Carefully open the lid away from you so that the steam does not rise in your face.

Always learn how to operate your pressure canner by reading the owner’s manual. If you lose your manual, you can find one on line by looking up the manufacturer’s website. Make sure you have your model number which you can find on the bottom of your canner.

Step 10: Lift out Jars

Carefully lift out jars without bumping them together and place on towels to cool. Leave 1-2 inches of space between jars. Do not let them touch while cooling. You will hear an audible ping as the jars seal. Once they are cool, press the lids to make sure they have sealed. The lid should be firm and not give when you press. If the lid does press down, the jar is not sealed. You will need to put the jar in the refrigerator and cook in a couple of days. You can now remove the rings. Never store your jars with the rings on.

While beans have been canned under high pressure, you still need to thoroughly cook your beans before eating. Never, eat them straight from the jar, always boil for at least 20 minutes before serving.

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