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Shun Knives - How To Take Care Of Yours
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Shun Knives  -  How to Take Care Of Yours

Owning your own set of Shun knives can be a liberating and exciting experience. But looking after them is just as important as how you use them. In this article we will first look at how Shun Knives are made and then we will take a look at a few tips to look after your knives properly.

Shun knife sets have been produced using two original methods of Japanese knife production.

The first method- the Kasumi method- is the method that they use to produce knives in Shuns Classic 7 and 9 piece sets.

This Kasumi style of making knives is the style that the Japanese have been using for centuries to make samurai swords. This method uses a very high quality carbon steel as the inner-core that is then coated by sixteen layers (on each side) of softer steel. These layers of softer steel look after the inner-core and it is this inner-core which is the actual edge when the knife is finally sharpened. Kasumi in Japanese means 'mist' - and this beautiful traditional style of making knives is named Kasumi due to the misty look that is given to the blade of the knife once the outer covering has been added.

The next method is the Honyaku method and it is quite different. In the Kasumi style or method that we talked about previously the knives are made with a single inner core and then many softer layers are added to the outside to make sure that the inner core is kept strong - However with the Honyaku style of knife making only a single piece of high carbon steel is used - this single piece of steel is used to produce a knife with an extremely high angled and fine edge that lasts for a really long time even if it is used constantly. As these knives take a lot longer to make than knives using the Kasumi method they naturally cost a lot more and are of course seen as some of the very best in kitchen knives. Knives made using this Honyaku method are featured in the Shun Pro Range.

Now lets have a look at how to look after your Shun knives.

1. Cleaning - Always wash your Shun knives with a warm soapy cloth and rinse and dry them straight away - never put them in the dishwasher as this can warble the blade.

2. Keeping them Sharp - It is important to keep your Shun knives sharp as this allows them to not only last longer but it also makes them easier to use.

3. Storing- Always store them in the block or wrap them in a cloth if you are going to put them in a drawer or transport them. Make sure you look after the blade properly by avoiding anything that can chip or bur it.

Keeping these few things in mind - your Shun knives should last a very long time.

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