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Specialty Gadgets For The Kitchen – A Tool For Everything
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Specialty Gadgets for the Kitchen – A Tool for Everything

If you walk in to one of those mega home wares stores or even Walmart and Target nowadays, you can find ceiling to floor walls covered in gadgets for the kitchen. What do they all do? Do I need one of these? Or one of those? Well, it depends on how adaptable you or the tools are when trying to perform specialty tasks in the kitchen. Some of the gadgets can be one for the one task they are designed for. Some can be used for the “designed for” task and maybe for other similar tasks not thought by the manufacturer. The only way to know is to look further into what are some of these gadgets for the kitchen so you can figure out if you need them or not.

Specialty Gadgets for the Kitchen #1 – Salmon Slicer

Obviously a salmon slicer slices salmon, but why would you want one? Why couldn’t you just use one of the knives in your knife block already in your kitchen? First, let’s describe what a salmon slicer looks like. It is typically a 12 inch long blade and about ½ inch wide and very thin. It can come in a flat or hollow edge blade (has half-circle indentations along the length of the blade). The hollow edge is to prevent the salmon from sticking to the blade. The reason for the long, thin blade is so you can slice ultra thin pieces of salmon to be served with bagels as “lox” or maybe for a modern pizza topping. If you create a lot of dishes that require thinly sliced salmon, or any other type of fish or meat, then you will want to look into adding a salmon slicer to your knife block.

Specialty Gadgets for the Kitchen #2 – Peelers and More Peelers

I grew up using a small knife to peel apples. Then one day, my mom broke down and bought a potato peeler. It has a sturdy handle with a small gap between the blade and the guide allowing for very thin peelings. The next thing we knew we used it for potatoes, apples, carrots or whatever other fruit or vegetable came along needing a thin skinning. You will also find peelers out there now with a blade, then a gap, then a roller on them. The roller is help follow the surface of the fruit with less friction for a smoother peeling experience. There are also zesters on the market that are designed to peel off only the top, colorful and flavorful layer of mostly citrus fruits. If you are a baker that uses a lot of fruit in your recipes or an avid cooker of veggies, invest in a good peeler and even a zester. They are usually in the $6 to $10 range, so they shouldn’t break the bank. They make skinning fruits and veggies oh so much quicker and easier.

Specialty Gadgets for the Kitchen #3 – Cheesy Cutters

No, I don’t mean these tools are lame or corny versions of specialty gadgets for the kitchen. I’m talking about cutters and slicers dedicated to cheese. There is a cheese cutter or slice that consists of a roller with a wire positioned about ¼ of an inch from the roller connected with a handle. The roller is designed to roll along the chunk of cheese and wire is supposed to cut it. Depending on the angle you hold the cheese slicer to the cheese will determine how think your slide will be. Another “cheesy tool” is the cheese plane. It is a flat metal piece at the end of a handle that has a hole cut out of the middle. On the end of the hold furthest from the handle is a sharp blade edge. The concept here is to place the cheese plane at the furthest edge of the chunk of cheese. As you pull the plane towards you, the bladed edge will slice a piece of cheese for you. Big cheese eater? Make tons of sandwiches? You gotta get one of these.

There are tons of other gadgets for the kitchen out there today. These are just a few worth mentioning since they can make the tasks they are designed for so much easier. A good cutlery manufacturer would have high quality version of these tools and will be designed to last a lifetime (either theirs or yours). They can also come in sets since different sizes are sometimes offered. So whether you enjoy cooking or just want to make meals as quick as possible, these gadgets for the kitchen can help you speed up your meal prep and maybe make it look a little prettier too.

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