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Two Useful Gadgets For The Kitchen Which Promote Low Fat Eating
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There probably aren’t many opportunities to honestly say healthier eating is attributed directly to useful gadgets for the kitchen helping you out – but these two have proved invaluable in helping us deal with my husbands diabetic diet plus the added medical demand to lower his cholesterol too.

Sushi wasn’t something either of us had ever looked at before – raw fish has never appealed much! It was only when we received a sushi making kit as a gift, the realization dawned - raw fish wasn’t an essential ingredient at all, there are plenty of other fillings to enjoy, many of them vegetarian and so we began to explore what is a very healthy way of eating.

Though there is added sugar in sushi rice, it’s proportionally very small when spread out amongst several rolls, particularly when compared to shop bought ready meals of any description – now they really are high in sugar, fat and salt.

Sushi Is Perfect For Delicate Summer Vegetables

The vegetarian options for sushi are almost endless and there is plenty of room to experiment with a variety of your favorite flavors. I love to make a vegetable omelet with whatever is in season and add asparagus or very thinly sliced tomato, with a smear of Wasabi and maybe a little sweet ginger.

You can use cooked thin strips of chicken breast with red peppers, spring onions or cucumber and pickled ginger - it makes a great sushi roll. Smoked trout or salmon is also delicious and works really well with cucumber or guacamole.

One tip worth passing on is that as a complete newbie to sushi, the kits are a great help, but they don’t include a sushi rolling machine without which, aesthetically pleasing rolls may be impossible at least for me – the rollers are really inexpensive and frankly invaluable if you want to end up with neat sushi – it also avoids having to try and scrub the rolling mat clean of rice.

The Problem With Puddings Is Sugar

Sweet sugary ingredients are always problematic making dessert very difficult for diabetics mainstream options are largely out except for home cooked or specialist puddings which use sugar replacement. However, there is one brilliant little gadget that has revolutionized sweet treats and made it possible for diabetics to eat ‘ice cream’ along with the rest of us.

Frozen treat makers process frozen fruit chunks into a creamy smooth ice in just a few seconds, no sugar or fat, just pure frozen fruit. Adding banana gives the treat an ice cream like consistence, whereas using pineapple and raspberries will give you more of a sorbet. Yoghurt, chocolate, liqueurs, all can be frozen into cube trays and processed, making this a very flexible fruity friend.

If you are having a battle to get your kids eating plenty of fruit, these magic little gadgets for the kitchen can do it for you. exotic ices made in seconds, which are not viewed by kids as healthy - never mind pure fruit, just eaten as fast as they appear! Frozen treat makers come into their own with

Despite what a few old fashioned folks say about using a fork to beat an egg rather than a whisk, kitchen gadgets speed, smooth and enhance our enjoyment of food and I’m hanging on to mine, of that you can be sure.

Street Talk

I try eating low fat and sugar free food to keep my blood triglycerides and cholesterol level within normal range. Good article.

  about 9 years ago
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