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Ways Cook Eggs A Beginers Guide
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Ways Cook Eggs A Beginers Guide

Different Ways to Cook Eggs

Eggs are considered as versatile, incredible, traditional and edible. This is especially a common dish during breakfast. In fact, there are some people in the world who think that breakfast is not complete without having eggs served on the table.

Apart from the typical hard boiled eggs, there are different ways for you to cook this food item. If you are already tired of eating hard boiled eggs and you want something new on your table, this is now the time for you to know some ways on how to cook your favourite eggs.

Poached Eggs

For those who are not familiar with what poached eggs are, these usually come available with light and creamy texture. This is not just a very delicious food, but is also ideal for people who want to reduce their fat and carb intake. In order to cook poached eggs, what you just need to do is to boil one inch of water, crack the egg into the boiled water and let the egg slide out of its shell ensuring that the yolk will never break.

What is nice about poached egg is that you can boil this in sweetened water, milk or any kind of liquid to add a different taste on it. This creates variances and ensures that you will never get bored in eating poached egg.

Egg Pancake

Aside from poached egg, another nice way to cook such food is making your egg pancake. In order to cook this, you need to whist 2 up to 3 eggs all together adding finely chopped garlic or onion. You can pour the mixture into a greased and warm frying pan.

It is recommended that the mixture should be of 1/4 thick. Cook the egg until you can already lift its bottom part without the possibility of falling apart. Flip the egg pancake in order to cook the other side. Once cooked, you can serve the egg together with sour cream, salsa, fruit, pancake syrup and other liquid to add taste to the dish.

Pancake eggs are one of my favourite ways to cook eggs, comment below and let me know yours.

Toad in a Hole

Though this might seem ordinary any more there are still lots of people who are not aware of what this kind of dish this is and how it can make a really nice main meal.

To begin with, you need to grease and warm the pan. Get a cup and have it inverted on slices of bread in order to cut the centre and create a hole.

Take out the cut centre part of the bread and store it inside the ref. You can lay now the bread on the pan and crack an egg and place it at the centre of the hole in the bread.

Once the egg is cooked, you can flip it on the other side. If done, serve it with the syrup of your choice.

You see, there are lots of ways on how to cook eggs. If you are tired of the common hard boiled eggs and sunny side up, why not try these dishes and experience the excitement of eating different egg dishes?

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