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How To Remove Your Unauthorised Republished Content From Google Websites
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How To Remove Your Unauthorised Republished Content From Google Websites

Recently I discovered one of my articles online. To my horror someone else was using my work under their name. Not only the text but also the photograph I had used in the article. This is copyright theft and should not be tolerated.

Most countries have laws which protect the author of work and contacting my lawyer was an obvious solution, but a very expensive one. In this case also totally unnecessary.

There are those that would suggest you should contact the individual concerned and advise them what they have done wrong and nicely ask them to remove the article. In a perfect world that is possible but not a good idea. Search engines process information and create history. So time is of the essence. After all, I found the article doing a Google search using the title of my article.

A quick suggestion for all authors. After your article is published on a site, use Google and Bing to search for it using the title. See what is found and when, repeat weekly or monthly. Apart from giving you a good idea of how long it takes for your article to appear in search engines, more importantly it will tell you if anyone else has reproduced it and published it on another site.

The Google search engine has been updated several times recently. One of its aims is to identify content and only list it once in search engine results. So having your work appear elsewhere could become a major problem as ironically someone else “gets” the Google listing rather than you. This was the case with my article.

Fortunately Google are professional. They support the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which enables the author of copyrighted material to ask others to remove it if it has been used without permission or appropriately.

Google have a team dedicated to removing content from any of “their” websites. Before you start the process do several things.

  1. In your browser visit the page with your original content
  2. Open another browser window and visit the page with your unauthorised content
  3. Open another browser window visit google and search for “Removing Content from Google form”. Click the first “non sponsored” link.

To complete the form, select options.

  1. If the problem is with the “Blogspot” website select “Blogger/Blogspot”
  2. Select “I have found content which may violate my copyright”
  3. Select “Yes I am the copyright owner or authorise to act on their behalf……”.
  4. Read the short notice and then select “Yes” to process
  5. Select Text. If you also have an image or other content on the page, deal with that later
  6. Read the short notice and click the “this form” link
  7. Enter your contact details
  8. In the “where can we see an authorized example” enter the URL of your original content
  9. Then in the following field describe briefly your content. This is where you can comment regarding other content including images
  10. Then in the “location of the allegedly..” field enter the URL of the unauthorised content
  11. Read the disclaimers and tick the boxes
  12. Select the date and enter your name as a Digital Signature
  13. Click Submit

Google will respond with a confirmation email. In my case within 24 hours the unauthorised content had been removed.

Article theft is unpleasant and something we must put up with but as time passes the anonymous nature of the internet is disappearing. Social networks including Google+ are linking actions by individuals back to single accounts. My Google author id is used on multiple article sites and Google will work out who to trust and not to trust. The person who breached my copyright appears to have done the same thing with other authors. They have been notified and hopefully will ask Google to remove their unauthorised content. Repeated abuse will eventually result in the offending accounts being closed down which is good for everyone, except the offender of course.

Street Talk

I have experienced this problem with at least one of my articles. Thanks for the info. Very useful

  about 9 years ago

thanks to google, you can still track your own hard worked aticles, though this may be time consuming, there are so many dishonest people out there stealing the credits you on guard and thanks so much Rob for this valuable information

  about 9 years ago

Thanks for this info!

  about 9 years ago

If you ever need to use it, please let me know how long it takes. I hope you dont need to!

  about 9 years ago

Thanks for this article. I have done just this. Still no word from Google, but at least I know from your personal experience that they will actually do something about it.

  about 9 years ago

Fingers crossed. I was very surprised at how fast they were. I am pleased the article was useful. Regards Rob

  about 9 years ago
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