A Greek Hero’s Way To A Super Strong Salesletter
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A Greek Hero’s Way To A Super Strong Salesletter

I love watching movies.

Sometimes "a-ha" moments will strike you when you are in the middle of a movie. But if it doesn't then common sense will tells you to just watch and enjoy the entire movie.

It is during these "a-ha" moments that gives me ideas such as to write this article.

The other day I was watching the movie Hercules (played by Dwayne Johnson, the Rock) when one of his battle cries caught my attention.

What is so special about it?

Let us just say this battle cry clearly describes the art of writing an effective salesletter.

In another words, this is what you need to do to write a good sales letter.

You may be wondering what does Hercules has got to do with copywriting, right?

Well my friend, this particular battle cry clearly sums up what your sales letter needs to do to increase your chances to convert prospects to become your customers. And if you have existing customers then this battle cry works for you too to grow your lifetime customers.

So let me get to the point. So here is it.

In the movie, Hercules rallied the armies of Thrace with this battle cry:

"Work together. React together. When you do, each individual will become a link in a chain that will be stronger than iron"

Hercules knows that to be victorious in any war...

...every soldier has to play his role in fighting and defending against the enemy;

...each soldier needs to be strong and stays vigilant so that they are always ready and will not be caught off guard;

...every soldier depends on each other to hold their positions and crush their enemies.

Guess what?

This is exactly what each and every part your salesletter needs to do too.

But you are not Hercules. You are not trying to defeat any enemy or out to destroy anyone.

You are trying to win over your prospect so that he will become your loyal and lifetime customer.

You want him to be so excited with your offer that he can’t wait to pick up the phone or fill up a form to give you his order.

So here is the story...

Every part of your salesletter; the headlines, the deck, the copy flow, bullets, graphics, call to actions, and testimonials need to work together hand in hand.

Like every link in a chain!

And furthermore, each section has its own purpose to make your sales message stronger so that your prospect will not slip through the gaps and end up losing them. Each one of them needs to be strong and acts as a support to move your prospect down your "sales slide".

But you have one critical problem standing in your way. This problem exists in every aspect of your copywriting and may be your worst enemy.

You see, your prospect’s attention span is getting shorter and he has many other distractions throughout the day.

…He is constantly being bombarded by social media, advertisement, work and family matters.

Along with his stressful workload, he has many updates on his facebook’s newsfeed, unread emails and snail mails waiting for him to be read. He is always busy and often feeling tired at the end of the day.

Most people will just skim and scan until something catches their interest. Your salesletter needs to stop him in his tracks, push your prospect at his hot buttons, and pull him into your copy.

What this means is your salesletter needs to be more than just text and pictures. Your salesletter needs to constantly seduce him towards your call to action.

Here is the real deal. When I said hot buttons, I meant his worries, pains, needs, ego, wants, desires and concerns. Don’t get me wrong. I am not asking you sell a defective product to take advantage of an innocent person. I believe we are all doing ethical businesses with the intention of helping others.)

So how do you grab your prospect attention and slide him down your copy with the least resistance?

Here are 3 things you must do to seduce your prospect into reading your sales message.

a) Breakdown large sentences into little sentences.

Most people…at this age…do not have the patience to read long paragraphs. It is too much work for them.

Getting the right message to your prospect is about giving him information (at the right pace) for him to absorb as he reads them. Your prospect needs to digest the information easily.

Do you realise what do long paragraphs look like to your prospect?

It looks like a report and it reminds him of work. And do you know what he will do next?

He will toss your salesletter into the wastebasket. (You do not want this to happen to you, right?)

You can take a more effective copywriting strategy to increase your salesletter’s chance of getting it read and acted upon. To make this happen, you must break long paragraphs into short paragraphs.

Short paragraphs serve as a breather so that you do not overwhelm your prospect. With short paragraph, it is easier for your prospect to read the crucial points and remember them.

Short paragraphs also will make your sales message stronger and easy to digest.

b) Use every day and simple language.

Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead took more than 360 technical pages just to prove that "1 + 1 = 2" is correct. However, you do not need to present a 360 pages sales copy to your prospect in order to prove to him that your product works. Even if you do, your prospect will not be impressed at all.

What you need is to drive your crucial points into your prospect's mind with the simplest way possible...so that he can easily grasp your sales messages.

Having a long complicated message will often frustrate your prospects. Don’t forget that you are barging into his busy life and asking for his precious time. You do not want to waste his time.

Another way to look at this is to use sentences that are simple to read, so that your prospect will immediately understand your sales message.

Let me tell you a quick story.

Once I was working with an instrument and control engineer. I wanted to understand the definition of loop check and how it applies to remote monitoring of a system.

I asked him this,

“Does loop check includes test from the transducer inside a field panel to the remote monitoring Unit…

and from the Remote Monitoring Unit (via the telephone line) to the Control Centre?’

This was his reply,

“Loop check is to simulate the signal for remote monitoring at the starting point (like input to converter

where the remote monitoring input is converted to standard output e.g. 0~ 2 v for impressed voltage is being remotely monitored by RTU, there will be a converter to convert 0~2 V to 4~20 mADC and this will be given as input to RTU. In loop check they will simulate 0~ 2 V at the converter input and see converter gives 4~20 mADC and this is read as 0~ 2V Dc in SCADA)”

Do you know what is really frustrating?

It is when you are asking a question to understand an issue but the reply makes it more complicated.

Obviously to the engineer, he made his point but this long paragraph did not really answer the burning question I had and I was also lost with his explanation.

I repeated my question and this time, he replied with a simple “yes”.

To the Engineer, his first reply was clear to him. But he did not consider if I have the same technical background as him in the matter.

You see, many times we tend to say things from our side of the fence and we fail to realise if the receiver of our message has the same education or profession experience level as us.

Sure. Sometimes we do need to use technical stuff. I am not saying you can’t use them. What I am saying is to understand your prospect and think of how you should put your message across to your prospect.

The best and safest way is to stick to simple and clear message.

c) Use copy cosmetics…at the right places and make your message stands out

How do you stop your prospect wandering eyes and to start reading your salesletter?

At a busy shopping district, you can shout…jump up and down…wave madly…dress loudly…u can carry a big sign…and do many more.

But you do not have such opportunity when comes to your salesletter. You are not there by your prospect’s side to tell him to look here or there.

To make your copy more effective, you can use highlights, bold sentences, different font colours, copy doodles and different font sizes to point out important and crucial points so that it will draw him into your salesletter.

Another way to make your salesletter easier to digest is to use bullets. Bullets give you the flexibility to highlight different angle without worrying about the copy flow.

All these need to work hand in hand so that your prospect will continue to read your sales copy from the start to finish.

The strategies I just shared with you are some of the core techniques I used to craft sales messages.

About the Author: Barnabas Ng, a Direct Response Copywriter, helps businesses increase their conversion rates through persuasive and conversational sales copy. Visit ConversationCopywriting

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