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Top 5 Qualities To Look For In A Content Copywriter
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Top 5 Qualities To Look For In A Content Copywriter

Having quality content represent your business in all its facets is crucial to make it big in any industry. Whether you need new or updated website copy or want a convincing new brochure to increase sales, writing is the single factor that differentiates a promising company from a non-performing start up. Your company may have the best products or services, but if you can't communicate your offering to the target market, you're just sitting on a large inventory that certainly won't sell itself. Therefore, you need the best content copywriter with the following qualities to communicate your message.

Flawless Language

It goes without saying that your content writer should have flawless language skills. This means absolutely no spelling mistakes, typos, or poor grammatical skills. The last thing you want is copy filled with errors on your website. How often have you stumbled upon a website that looks promising, only to be disappointed after reading poor copy on the page? If the company can't spend enough money to have error-free copy on its website, articles, or brochures, it probably isn't in it for the long run.

Spectacular Delivery

You can write with perfect spelling and grammar, but it doesn't mean anything until you get the message across. While anyone can string words together to be grammatically correct, conveying the message takes skill and experience. Content should have a natural flow to it, that doesn't shove what you're selling down the reader's throat, but instead, convinces them by logic and deduction. The modern consumer wants clear and concise sentences that help him/her get knowledge in bite-sized pieces of information.

Excellent Research Skills

Thin content doesn't fare well on the internet or on offline media. You need to convince today's smart consumer by giving them detailed research. This will make you an authority in your industry that people can trust. If you're just getting content written for the sake of having something in your name, you might as well not do it. A good content writer goes beyond Wikipedia and the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. There are a lot of less-known knowledge portals out there that don't pop up on first page. A good copywriter knows where to find their information and more importantly, find accurate information.


You may find stellar writers out there who you can't wait to hire. But what if they don't deliver your work on time? Internet marketing and offline marketing campaigns have time restrictions and deadlines, if your copywriter can't meet those, you might as well have hired 4-star writer who could've at least submitted your work on time. Having a reliable partner who you can depend on makes a huge difference when it comes to finding content writing solutions.


There's no doubt that a high level of quality comes with a certain price tag, but that doesn't mean you get ripped off and end up spending more than half of your marketing budget on a copywriter. Do some market research and see what kind of rates are out there. Start with a large copywriting content company and see how much it charges for writing services. Then look for smaller companies that haven't necessarily made their mark in the industry yet, but are waiting for the chance to shine. You can usually find great deals with these companies without it costing you an arm and leg.

So the next time you're looking for a good content copywriter that you can rely on , keep these 5 vital qualities in mind before hiring it.

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