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A Good Friend And A Bad Enemy
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A Good Friend And A Bad Enemy

The positive effect of solar radiation on humans has been known since ancient times, as many people worshiped the sun as a god. The best known benefit for the body exposure to sunlight is the conversion of vitamin A to vitamin D which is very useful for the body and especially for bone health. Vitamin D regulates calcium absorption by the body and helps the building of a strong and healthy skeleton. The vitamin D, called as "sunshine vitamin", is not presented in sufficient quantities in food, so we can’t take satisfaction quantities in our daily food. Research shows that vitamin D protects against many diseases and deprivation of the organism from this vitamin affects the body.

Relative to the benefits of sunlight is the recent discovery of Australian researchers who discovered that sunlight is the key for the proper functioning of the eye. Indeed, the researchers reported that exposure to the sun for two hours a day reduces the chances of developing myopia.

Of course, excessive sun exposure risks may cause burns and melanoma that often result in skin cancer. The last 50 years has been a worrying increase in the incidence of melanoma, primarily because of uncontrolled exposure to sun and solarium. The skin ages faster and becomes prone to skin cancer. Melanoma usually occurs around moles (olives) or to seemingly good skin.

Michael Holic, header of the Vitamin D Laboratory Boston University, believes that exposure to the sun is good for health if it doesn’t cause burns to the skin. He also argues that the relationship between risks and benefits of sun exposure, and between solar radiation and certain types of cancers is not as linear as supported by many of his colleagues. The explanation given is that melanomas occur mainly on body sites that are not particularly exposed to the sun, such as back, toes, the base of the skull and the inner side of limbs. For Professor Holic growth of cancers is likely to be due to the fact that people avoid exposure to the sun more and more.   The notion that the sun is the enemy of humankind led to the growth of a fear for the sun and drove people to avoid any contact with the sun depriving the body form valuable vitamin D. Unlike, sun exposure is good for our health. Exposure to the sun until 2 hours daily with the protection of sunscreen is enough to fill the stores of our body with vitamin D. The use of sunscreen (cream, spray, oil or lotion) is necessary before any exposure to the sun as it protects the body up to 70% from solar radiation and avoids burns. The sunscreen should be a must beauty product to every woman. 

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