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Cosmetic Surgery In The Entertainment Industry
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Beauty enhancement in the Entertainment industry

The entertainment industry is a challenging field to venture into and succeed. It requires complete commitment and dedication and mostly a thick skin as most entertainers are subject to stereotypes associated with the ever changing industry. In order to survive and make a living a majority of entertainers have taken extreme measures to ensure they remain relevant and meet all expectations that come with being an actor, musician, comedian or super model. To survive with the ever growing competition and still be successful cosmetic surgery has become the most sought after option for maintaining high beauty standards and youthful looks.

Relation between cosmetic surgery and the entertainment industry

Currently there are several kinds of cosmetic surgery that are commonly done by entertainers. These surgeries are a matter of personal preference, peer pressure from fellow entertainers and the need to maintain an unrealistic image that is associated with them. Among the most common plastic surgeries or as commonly called beauty enhancement procedures include: nose jobs, bot-ox, liposuction, boob-jobs and face-lifts.These are just a few of what most entertainers opt to rely on in order to maintain their youthful looks and hence delay old age. These plastic surgeries are however not an exact science therefore the outcome is indefinite and sometimes unpredictable.

Sometimes the surgeries go as expected and indeed beauty is enhanced and personal appearance improved. However, sometimes there are a few instances where the resultant outcome is negative and personal appearance is further ruined and some look even older after plastic surgery. Some of these entertainers become further addicted to plastic surgeries and end up looking totally different and some even weird. Another risk of these cosmetic surgeries is that if anything goes wrong just as any other surgery their is a probability of death and even infection. These are risks that most plastic surgery enthusiasts do not take into consideration before they decide to have these surgeries performed on. It is extremely necessary that all stakeholders in the entertainment industry ensure that everyone who is a potential customer for these cosmetic surgeries is well informed on what they are signing up for.

It is a controversial issue whether plastic surgery is a necessary evil or a reality that the entire entertainment industry has to embrace so as to maintain high beauty standards. Despite, matter our personal opinions and believes on plastic surgery, everyone has to come to terms with the fact that some entertainers feel plastic surgery will extend the longevity of their careers and make them earn more money. In a perfect world this industry and the entire population should be more accepting of people no matter their size, looks, skin color and age but in reality this is not the situation on ground. The question that arises in this instance is whether we should judge our entertainers on basis of their personal appearance or talent.

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