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How To Come Up With A Great Art And Craft Project
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How To Come Up With A Great Art And Craft Project

There's no shortage of cool art and craft projects. With a little bit of time, a lot of imagination, and buckets of unstoppable force, you could be coming up with new ideas till the end of time. If imagination and persistence aren't quite your cup of tea, here are some ideas that could get your wheels turning.

We could use literally anything for an art and craft project. I do mean anything; I've seen people take animal droppings, coat them with polyurethane, and sell them as paperweights. Gross? Absolutely, but the surprising thing was that people loved them! (They probably bought them as presents for their boss; a gift which they thought was fitting...)

How did an idea like that even come into someone's head? I can picture the scene now: "A lone figure stands reviewing his herd of cattle. As he turns toward his beat up old Chevy truck, he steps in a big cow pie. Now, instead of just scraping off his boot and going on his way, he stands there, staring at his poor smelly boot. 'How could I have avoided this' he thinks. Then he imagines what life would be like if he never stepped in that mess, 'Maybe if cow droppings came with force fields' he thinks. 'But the technology just doesn't exist yet...I could spray them with polyurethane though!' Taking a little bit of time to imagine what could be gave birth to an entirely new craft, and disgusting as it may be, it also gave him some coin in his pocket.

Let's follow his line of thought and start out with a broad concept, and work down to specifics.

Look around your house a bit, and find five things that you think you could do something interesting with. These are the five that I picked:

  1. An incomplete deck of playing cards
  2. An empty Quaker Oatmeal Container
  3. An outdated book
  4. A magnet that came with the Phone Book, (Like magnets with the phone number of a local pizza place on it; they just give them away)
  5. An old stained necktie

Five pretty general items that have each worn out their usefulness. If you follow our farmer friend's example, and just stare at them for a while, you can come up with some pretty cool projects that quickly breathe new life into some old things.

1. The Incomplete Deck of playing cards What I thought of right away was how my sister is always making her own jewelry. Why not turn your favorite combo of cards into a pair of earrings. Cut them into whatever shape pleases you, and layer them for added strength. What if you cut them so you just had the card's suits, and hot glued those small pieces into a custom tower of cards for your earrings?

2. An Empty Quaker Oatmeal Container Now that you've finished your oatmeal, you have two rewards. First, your cholesterol is probably lower, and second, you hold in your hand the makings of your own personal observatory. Simply use a pin to poke holes into the bottom of the container; however you would like to arrange them. When you're done; go into a dark room, hold a flashlight at the opening, and point the bottom of the can at the ceiling and look at the stars.

3. An Outdated Book If you have some old books that you won't use anymore, turn one of them into a mini hiding place. Just open the book to the first page, and use an exacto knife or a box cutter to cut out a rectangle about an inch in from the sides of the page. Repeat until you get through all the pages. Don't cut the front or back cover, leave them as they are. Then just take a glue stick and glue the pages together. Glue the back page to the back cover, but leave the front cover alone. Presto! A private hiding place you can leave in plain sight! Try using different size books, (keep in mind that hardcover work best, and the more boring the book, the safer the stuff inside will be...)

4. A Magnet that came with the Phone Book This one is really easy. Just get a flat magnet, the kind that usually comes with the phone book or you can get for free from most pizza places. Just take a picture that you would like to put up on the fridge, glue it to the magnet, and trim away the overhang. That's it, and now you have customized magnets. Think how special your relatives will feel when they see their face holding up your shopping list. A rare privilege indeed.

5. An Old Stained Necktie This one is the most ambitious of the five that I picked, and will require some other research, and a sewing machine and some interfacing. Throwing out my favorite tie was like getting rid of an old friend; I just couldn't do it. So even though it was stained and I couldn't use it, (even after the cleaners did their best,) I just kept it hanging in my closet, unusable. Then I saw a project online that taught me how to turn a regular necktie into bow tie. That meant I could keep my favorite material, and pattern, and actually use it again. Despite what you may have heard, I agree with the tenth doctor, who frequently reminds us that bow ties are cool. The transformation from neck to bow tie took about an hour, but it was my first time using a sewing machine, and I was watching Star Trek. You probably won't be as distracted.

I'm sure that with a little imagination and perseverance, you'll overcome any obstacles to your art and craft ideas. Once you get your creative juices flowing, you'd be surprised at all the things you can come up with. Who knows, you may come up with an idea that people would like to buy even more than animal droppings; god I hope so.

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