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How To Plant Fruit Trees From Seeds In Fruit
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How to Plant Fruit Trees From Seeds In Fruit

Did you ever try to plant a seed from fruit you had in your kitchen? I think most of us have had that urge at some time or another. You eat an apple or an orange, look at the seeds and imagine planting them.

As is turns out, this is a hobby for many people. A potted lemon tree makes an attractive showpiece. You can let your imagination run wild with all the choices that are out there. Think of all the seed-bearing fruit you have in the house. There’s peach, nectarine, orange, plum, grapefruit and olive seeds just for a start.

Growing a plant from these types of seeds is not hard to do. You just have to know the basics. Depending on the climate where you live, the seeds can be planted indoors or out. A potted lemon tree, for example, can be placed outside during the summer and brought inside later.

Whatever type of seed you choose to plant, it must be germinated first. The procedures for this vary. An apple seed for example, has different requirements than a peach seed.

Some seeds need to stay warm to germinate and others have to be put in a refrigerator. A small nick has to be cut into some seeds so they will receive moisture. Once the seeds get the proper start and root, you can plant them and watch them sprout.

Have some fun with seeds and start a new hobby with these tips:

Apple Seeds

Place the apple seeds in a container on a paper towel that has been liberally dampened with water. Then cover them with another wet paper towel. You want the paper towels to be fairly damp and moist but not soaking wet. Place the container with the apple seeds in the refrigerator. Check every couple of days and don’t let the paper towels dry out. You can keep them moist with a spray bottle filled with water.

The seeds should root in a couple of weeks. Let the roots be at least a half inch or more before you plant them.

Peach and Nectarine Seeds

Peach and nectarine seeds are inside a hard shell. Gently break open the shell and you will find the seed inside. Fold the seed up in a paper towel, wet it, and put in a plastic bag. A ziploc bag works fine. Close up the bag and place it in a sunny window till it roots. Then plant.

Lemon Seeds

Lemon seeds can be germinated in at least two different ways. Some weekend gardeners just plant the seed in a pot and put in the sun. Plant anywhere from a half inch down in the soil to one inch. Wait for the sprouts to come up.

The seed can also be stripped of its outer shell by peeling it away with fingernails or knife, wrapping it in wet paper towels and enclosing in a small plastic bag such as a ziploc. Those who choose to do it this way say the seeds turn green in a few days and then sprout roots.

The seeds should come from a lemon that is ripe. Avoid using a lemon that is very green.

Orange Seeds

Some favor soaking orange seeds overnight and then placing in a plastic bag with wet paper towels.

Another method is to wash and dry the orange seeds and plant in a pot with soil. Water it well. Use something like those long bamboo skewer sticks you find in the grocery store and stick them into the soil. Place in a plastic bag and tie or seal up at the top.

This is a miniature greenhouse you have made. Put in a sunny spot and sprouts should come up soon.

Besides discovering a new hobby that you might really enjoy, these little potted fruit trees would make for unusual and adorable gifts. So the next time you’re eating fruit don’t throw that core away until after you’ve collected the seeds.

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I'm experimenting with my seeds now! Thanks, Shawn.

  about 1 decade ago

Cool article. I always wondered how to grow a tree indoors.

  about 1 decade ago
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