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Patchwork Excuses! Are There Any?
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Patchwork Excuses! Are there Any?

Many people have unrequited loves and un-indulged passions in life. While there are many reasons for this perhaps there are no good excuses.

If we are not following our hearts to places that make our heart sing then we are likely to have a sad and empty hole where our joy and zest for life should be sitting. This isn't just about patchwork either. Substitute any word you like in here. Patchwork just happens to be one of my greatest joys so it's a good tool for me to use as example to make my point.

Are you one of those people that make 'patchwork excuses'?

I'm too busy, I can't afford it, I don't know how, I don't have enough room where I live, my family wouldn't understand, I try every so often but I lack motivation.

I've been thinking about these excuses and putting them into perspective.

1. I'm too busy. Yes, aren't we all? I can relate. I'm a mother of three small children.

Where your heart goes your attention flows! Do you truly love what you're missing in your life? Every love needs to be nurtured. Even a hobby that you 'like' needs attention to become a love.

What are you doing in life that is wasting the time you could be spending elsewhere? Turn of the TV, limit your computer, set aside time in your schedule, join a class if you can't do it alone, cut yourself some slack and start saying "No" to things that you don't want to do or have in your life.

Incorporate your passion into your current schedule. My children that are such a big part of our life? On school holidays we patchwork and scrapbook!

2. I can't afford it. This can be a difficulty. There are many demands on our modern budget and many people are living beyond their means or struggling just to meet bills. Start collecting your receipts, tracking your spending and taking control of your situation.

Now without diverging too much in that direction, I have had to 'make do' and be creative many times to indulge my patchwork interest.

I am still using a sewing machine I bought for $300 the first year I was married (and that's twenty years today as I write this). I also inherited an old Elna. It's not very chic but it's as sturdy as a horse and the stitching it produces is beautiful.

Would I like a $2000 sewing machine? Absolutely! Do I wish my children hadn't snapped my patchworking ruler's end off? Hmmmm.... But the point is that when I'm sewing and creating it doesn't matter that I don't have the best of everything and much of my fabric is remnants.

I am alive and happy and late for preparing dinner! Most of all my heart is light!

3. I don't know how. Neither did I. Neither do I. Every project is new and the best ones are when I'm learning something new. My current project involves lots of circles! I fell in love with it and bought it and then noticed that every block had a circle and some in between! Daunted I was but excited as well.

The glory of patchwork (and any other things in life too) is that starting simple always leads to understanding, helps us to be ready for the next step and adds to our knowledge base. The interesting thing about expanding our boundaries is that every time we do they expand to encompass us.

4. I don't have enough room where I live. There are many difficulties with hobbies in small spaces. When they need packing away every time they're used it can be a death knoll for motivation. My son has his bed tucked half under my husbands model train track! It works for now.

I have included a photo of my sewing space. Notice I'm squeezed between our extra fridge, dining table, ironing basket and boxes of fabric neatly tucked away? Would I like a room of my own? You bet! In the meantime I'm just glad to have a corner to call my own. No patchwork excuses!

5. My family wouldn't understand. Trust me in this, the people you live with will love you a lot better when you've spent a few hours indulging your patchwork or other hobby. Doing things we love has a very positive effect on our outlook and attitude. Other's don't need to understand or even like our interests. In a sincere relationship they'll simply understand and like what it means to you.

6. I try but I lack motivation. I need outward input to maintain my enthusiasm. I borrow magazines and books from the library. Sometimes I just look through my fabric stash and dream. Most of all I browse online and now have started sharing my knowledge and building a website. These things keep my dreams alive even when I'm too tired to start a new project or finish an old one.

Most of all, remember where this whole conversation started. Reasons? Yes. Excuses? No. Go forth and indulge!

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Nice work, like the way you write an d visited your website, I must confess, it's quite inspiring.

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you for your positive comment. I've been so busy with an international move that I've neglected my online 'stuff'. Nice to know you stopped by!

  about 9 years ago
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