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When reading through the instructions in your Sewing Pattern it is easy to get confused if you don’t understand the terminology. To ease the confusion I have created a glossary of terms that you may run into.

Absorbent Absorbent is a term used to describe the ability of fabric to draw in and retain moisture.

Abutted Seam This is a seam that has no seam allowance, used for piecing fabric, and for joining seams or darts to interfacing or lining.

Acetate This fabric is weak and has a shiny finish. Acetate is a fast drying fabric. Even though it does not shrink it does melt very quickly when exposed to heat or chemicals. Often other fabrics are combined with acetate. Acetate is also used for linings and imitation silk. Because of its fluid drape it can be used when making drapey garments.

Acrylic Petroleum products are used to make Acrylic fabric. You can dye it very easily because it is very absorbent. You can also run it through your washing machine without worry. Unlike Acetate it can be thrown in the dryer at low temperatures because it does not melt. Don’t turn your dryer up too high because it will not take the heat too well. It is great when used for workout clothing or in the summer because it will absorb the moisture from your body.

Adaptor This is the part that you use when you are to changing the feet on your sewing machine.

A-Line An A-line garment has a hem that is wider than the waistline. used to describe a garment whose hem is wider than the waist. It can be used for any garment that has the same shape as the letter A but is mostly used to describe skirts.

Alteration To make changes to the sizing or structure of a patterns or a garment, including adding seams darts, or taking in a seam.

Angora Angora is very soft and of high quality. Angora wool comes either from the skin of the Angora goat or rabbit. Angora must be marked if it comes from a rabbit but it doesn’t have to be marked as Angora goat.

Apparel A term used when describing garments that you wear or that you are making when you sew

Applique A piece of fabric Sewn onto another piece of fabric and used as a decoration. This could include a patch, ribbons, bows, embroidery, etc.

Arrow/Arrowhead stitch A decorative stitch but it also adds strength to areas of a garment. This stitch is a regularly spaced triangular stitch.

Arm Scythe The arm scythe is the armhole.

Armscye Armscye is another name for Arm Scythe.

Awl This is a long metal tool with pointed tip. The tip looks somewhat like a hook and is used to push out corners when fabric is turned.

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