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Three Easy Kitchen Sewing Projects
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Three Easy Kitchen Sewing Projects

The following three easy sewing projects for the kitchen are perfect for those of you who are fairly new to sewing, or for those of you who are experienced like me and simply don’t enjoy difficult tasks. These projects are perfect to make for gifts as well.

Note: Before starting any sewing project, pre-wash your fabrics first!

1. Quilted Placemats: Does anyone actually use placemats anymore? I bet if someone made you a set, you would use them! You can make your own set for everyday use, or use a holiday theme like Thanksgiving or Christmas for special occasions. Quilted placemats make a table look welcoming and are long lasting. Make them reversible and you’ll have two sets in one!

Materials needed per placemat:

• Two 16 x 20 inch rectangles of complimentary fabrics

• One 16 x 20 inch rectangle of thin batting (any kind is fine)

• Bias tape or ribbon of desired color

• Basting spray to adhere fabric to batting (Odif 505 is the best)

• Rotary cutter

Sandwich the placemat together as follows: Put one piece of fabric right side down, spray lightly with the 505 and cover with the batting. Spray the batting with 505 and cover with the remaining piece of fabric right side up.

Quilt the top with a simple design: Straight stitch through the sandwich in a simple grid or lattice design with the stitching rows 3 inches apart.

Trim edges with a rotary cutter: Trim all edges neatly about ½ inch and square up.

Bind the placemat: Use your favorite method for binding using bias tape or ribbon. You’ll end up with a placemat roughly 14 x 18 inches…a good size. For each ½ yard of material, you can get make 2 placemats.

2. Handmade Cloth Napkins: Be green and go back to using cloth napkins! Think of how many paper towels and paper napkins we go through each year – it adds up to quite a bit. Using a cloth napkin makes sense and you can just stick them in the wash along with your regular laundry.

All you need to do for handmade cloth napkins is to cut 9 x 12 inch pieces of fabric (any kind is fine) and zig-zag the edges. Make enough for a week for each member of the family. You can make them all from the same fabric, or use whatever scraps you have on hand.

You can also make a more finished edge by ironing down about ¼ inch twice on all sides and then straight stitch close to the edge. You can get 6 napkins per ½ yard of fabric. They can also be larger or smaller – this is simply the size I prefer.

3. Handmade Dishtowels: Many instructions online specify using regular cotton fabric for handmade dishtowels, but I don’t find it to be absorbent enough. An excellent solution is to recycle old hand towels, or buy them cheaply at stores like Walmart. They are the perfect size and already made for you.

Sew on decorative twill tape or ribbon near the bottom edge on the front to dress it up. You can also embroider a name or a kitchen-themed quote.

Hope you enjoy making these easy sewing projects for yourself and your loved ones.

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