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Easy Duct Tape Crafts For All Ages
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Easy Duct Tape Crafts for All Ages

If you want to jump on one of the latest trends right now, you'll want to learn about the easy duct tape crafts that everyone is raving about. You read that sentence right in that these craft project are actually made from duct tape.

You may think of duct tape as the boring silver stuff that is used to repair broken windows and keep fenders on the car. While it's generally not the most attractive look for makeshift repairs, sometimes you go with what works until a more permanent solution can be arranged.

Get that image out of your head as the duct tape we're talking about here is far from boring. It's bright, colorful and very cool.

If you haven't shopped for duct tape in a while, you may be surprised to discover that you can now get it in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can get everything from Hello Kitty to paisley to cool stripes and shapes.

There is duct tape available for all kinds of craft projects, or to make some custom artwork for your space. The colors and shapes breathe new life into the old, boring metallic-looking duct tape of the past.

You may also be surprised to learn that one of the hottest craft trends right now is making things out of duct tape. The projects aren't just limited to school projects or making custom frames for prints, but making things you can actually use every day, like purses and wallets. Talk about an original fashion accessory! There are patterns available for making super cool purses and wallets, which are just a couple of the most popular craft projects trending right now.

You can craft almost anything out of these hot-looking duct tape colors. There are young ladies out there making their prom dresses out of duct tape!

The crafts range from the small projects such as bracelets or necklaces, to purses and wallets, to clothing you can wear every day. You can customize your existing clothing with duct tape accents. Add a little duct tape fringe and you can transform a jacket or skirt into a hot new piece.

Customize your shoes, make a backpack and really let your imagination loose with the help of some very cool colored or patterned duct tape.

These duct tape crafts are not just for the young kids, although it's very popular with the 8-10 year olds. Duct tape crafts would be a hit at any slumber party! These crafts are a huge hit with the teenagers, as well, for the more advanced designs.

Who knew that boring old duct tape could come back to life with these easy duct tape crafts and accessories you can create in your spare time? To add some spice to your clothing and accessories, don't rule out duct tape to liven up those tired items in your closet.

Street Talk

I have a friend who made a duck tape coat for his wedding. It was awesome looking, but his wedding day turned out to be 90 plus degrees and he almost passed out!

  about 9 years ago

I would love to have seen his coat!!! Oh man! Give him an "A" for effort! Maybe I should have clarified it's for cooler climates!

  about 9 years ago
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