How to Format A Poetry Chapbook for Submission
Contests and calls for submission from publishers are always asking poets to send them a chapbook. For many new poets,…
Writing Articles – Why Do We Do it – To Write
Imagine opening your dashboard and next to your name a figure 1, would it surprise you, or was it expected? In my case…
We Share A Common Bond (lunch at Kfc)
Tasha always looked for warning signs in a man. Even a quick thirty minute lunch date at the corner KFC is more than…
Inventing A Good Title for A Book
It can be pretty difficult to invent a good title for your completed book, especially if you don't know what you want…
Witty Expressions! Light Reading
As you must know by now, when the weekend approaches I get a little flamboyant, and let my guard down just enough to…
Life Is An Adventure
Life is a long journey. Since we were born until today and nobody knows how long we can still breathe the air. That's…
Creative Writing Articles (181)
Writing romance--is there a formula? The key elements neccessary to write a romance that sells
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Writing A Book? – How To, Or Maybe How Not to
It is not always wise to take on too much at one time. Being semi retired and having my designed computer program encoded for me, has had me at a loose end. So I started to write on Street Articles, got involved on Face Book and began a Blog displaying…
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Globalisation Essay Foremost to Accomplish Your Dreams
Globalisation Essay contributes to accomplish your goals what you want in academic field. This helps you to maintain the status in class room. The systematic approach towards this essay contributes to analyse further dissertation work and thesis projects. Essay related to global issues known as globalisation essay. Globalisation Essay Globalisation…
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Zoey's Dream
Zoey Johnson, a college graduate, had always loved psychology. Since she also loved writing, and she dreamed of a writing career one day, she opted to major in professional writing and minor in social sciences. To fulfill the requirements for her minor, she had taken many psychology classes. In one…
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3 Tips for Writing An Action Scene
Considering I'm now an author of an action-packed fantasy serial, and hence the owner of a metaphorical horn, it's about time I did some tooting. Every once in a while, I take a look around the net to see what other authors are doing with their books' action scenes. I…
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Writer’s Inspiration – Special Places Part One
For creative writing, and by that I mean fiction efforts of any kind as well as more generalized “let me hone my skills” kind of descriptive writing, different authors start at different starting points. Many authors start with a fairly strong idea of character and character conflicts for their storyline;…
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Back to the Football Kingdom Brazil, More Goals to Fans More Exciting Watching Experience
When the world cup back to the football Kingdom Brazil, more goals to fans more exciting watching experience. Brazil World Cup group stage opener at the end, with 49 goals, a record high of nearly five session of world cup. According to the previous World Cup scoring rules, compared to…
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Ava's Fortune
Ellie Sanchez, Claire Harris, Katherine Collins, and Ava Grayson were good friends, students at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana, and residents of Dodd Hall, one of the women's dorms on campus. All four of them wrote for the school newspaper, The Current Sauce, and sang in the school choir.…
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Making Sense Of the Senses
SMELL & TASTE The website I am working on, involves both SMELL & TASTE and I wonder why I focussed on these two senses. I thought of the wondrous SMELLS which come from the earth & the home - flowers & herbs, fragrant roses, the ground after rain, newly dried…
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The Pink Limo
"Just 30 more words," 25-year-old Makayla Collins thought to herself one sunny Monday afternoon in April. "Thirty more words, and then I can hand in my story and start on another one. Fame and fortune, here I come!" Makayla worked on the first floor of a three-story building, and most…
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Megan Lutz Runs Out Of Coffee
It was the first day of classes at Northwestern State University, and 21-year-old Megan Lutz could not have been happier. Many people groaned at the thought of returning to class, studying for tests, and staying up late to finish research papers, but Megan was excited. She was going to see…
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End for Some
Mrs. I When I am lonely and faint of heart, I tend to breath. Softly of course, then no one will stare, or care. Hush, He’s batting lashes at the queen, The only one who seems, The only one who gleams, ‘She seems different’, really does she? There is a…
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Ebook Writing Aid – A Wonderful Free Computer Program
Free download writing aid well worth considering. Writing an eBook needs concentration and planning, the concentrating part needs peace and quite, find a place where disturbances are not likely to happen and have the creative juices flow. Planning, something I'm not good at, needs aid. Planning within my career requires…
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Run Down! the Book Of Me! Part One
As I watch the rain fall on the ground, I can't help my mind from falling back in time. I hear some kids screaming, and laughing loudly. When I prompt my memory to focus and make a comparative recognition of faces and voices, I see a few of my cousins…
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My Weird Day
My name is Alexa Rivera. I am 25 years old, and I work at KidKare, a daycare center. Monday through Friday, I hop into my 2015 Kia Soul and head to the center, where I spend my day alone in a classroom with 15 three-year-olds. My job is to keep…
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Kennedy Stands Up
One Monday morning in late March, writing major Kennedy Jacobs stepped out of her room on the third floor of Sabine Hall, one of the women's dorms on the campus of Northwestern State University. She had a sociology test coming up later in the week, and being a day person,…
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Google News Lays An Egg
Yesterday, Google came out with a new metatag called news_keywords, which is intended to give writers some breathing room when creating their news article titles. A metatag is a snippet of code in your html telling search engines what content is on the page. The tags don't show up in…
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Article Writing And Writers Block
Finding Content For Articles and Blogs If you are writing articles, blogs and adding content to your website you will at some point sit in front of your laptop or computer and think 'What do I write now?' You have just experienced a moment of writer's block. This is not a…
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Potentially Great Authors
For the last couple of weeks, it has been hard for me to stay consistent with my content for all my writing blogs.I am looking for new ways to stay motivated and inspired. I found that searching for things outside of the internet, movies, books, new paper articles and magazines,…
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The Genie Of Words, Sells Them Perfectly!
Like flower aroma, descending on my work desk I turn words into water, fire, sea scent love and hate. The gods gave writers the power to bring meaning to life and give them the best living essence that those who pay me for writing want. I give words the power…
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Tips on Writing: Use Them With Discretion
When you've been writing for a long time, you'll know that there is a wealth of information available for writers. The internet is filled to brim with it. There are a lot of people attempting to take advantage of aspiring authors, running vanity publishing scams. And there are people who…
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Jace Baker Stays Home Alone
I can't wait. Mom and Dad are going out tonight, and I get to stay home alone. Woo-hoo! It's about time! Mom started selling Mary Kay a year ago, and once a month, every month, she'd have a party at the house. She'd call her friends and some ladies she…
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Ratings, Rankings And Gold Stars: Why the Merit System Really Does Matter to You As A Writer
If you ask a writer about their ratings, rankings and other forms of popular approval, they will likely smile and say something about how they do not matter to them. Don't you dare believe a word of it. A writer who does not care about ratings, critics or even sales…
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Why Building A Community on A Blog is Essential
Blogs are there for the purpose of reading enjoyment, and whether or not you monetize your blog, you still need traffic for your readers. First of all, building a community on a blog is quite essential because it will result in more traffic, and that is what all blogs need…
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Powerful Points Of Interest Of Web Based Learning Programs
Online training is a methodology to show and discover utilization of the Internet progress, best case scenario, to relate and go about as a group in an instructive situation. Presently this contains innovation that supplements conventional classroom preparing with online interfaces and parts. Correspondingly online colleges are those organizations that…
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Poetry: When is it Literature And When is it Not?
Creative Writing versus Literature: Poetry By the time people finish high school most of them have noticed the many types of writing around. People read diverse kinds. Some people ask themselves why and how literature is so different from creative writing. While all literature is creative writing, not all creative…
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Electrical Remodel Project: My Old Ranch House & My Old Brain, Part 1
The lights dim as my wife switches on a burner on the stovetop. There is heat felt in the wall above the outlet where the refrigerator is plugged in. It is time for an electrical makeover for this old ranch house. The electrical panels and wiring are at least 40…
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Will You Be My....?
-MODERN LOVE- “Will you be my….?” Nowadays titles run rapid. It seems as though the energy, time, and sentiment have left our hearts and exists only as basic meanings. These actions of love are at risk of facing extinction. What happened to the days where titles were earned and cherish…
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Unforgettable Images Of the Desert
An image can create a powerful effect on a person; it impacts his universe and sticks in his mind. These mental pictures vary greatly from one person to another. And one usually isn’t able to predict which ones will affect him. The only way for someone to tell what’s had…
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What to Write And When to Write it – That is the Question
Choosing a subject, writing the article and being published. What to write and when to write it? I was recently approached to write an article or two on a specialised subject, fortunately one on which I was fairly conversant. The excitement, of being asked had the juices flowing, the articles…
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I write mostly about myself. Perhaps all writers do—all writers have a style—perhaps that style…
Does anybody else wonders about every day things that make no sense? I do, I guess since business…
WHEN I’M A SHADOW Is this a myth or true? Does he take the life out of me, And render my body a…
When writing your novel, many books talk about the two types of writers, the seat of the pants writer,…
The self-help book industry has boomed in recent years, most likely due to the fact that people are…
What statements need be used to make breastfeeding moms look more human? I started this article without…

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