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A Hypocritical World
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Life expectancy is based on how you live, the way you live, and where you live. In the United States Life expectancy is very high this is because of the rich life in the United States. In the United States based on statistics, this is because of the life style we live.

What about the life expectancy in the third world country. Based on Statistics the life expectancy in a third World is low. This is because of the unsanitary ways of life. Most people in a third world country don’t have running water, healthy food, and a roof over their heads.

This can make one’s chances of surviving very difficult. But it can also show you how tough we are made. If you look at someone in a third world you will notice that they look different then people in richer countries. In a third world country people tend to look skinny and undernourished. In richer nations such as the United States we are fighting obesity.

This makes you think how richer nations can complain. When an obese person blames the world for their obesity but refuses to get off the couch. When there are a billion people starving and a billion people homeless. I believe that People with food, water, and shelter should not complain about what they have.

I believe that 90 percent of what we complain about we bring upon ourselves. Think about it an alcoholic complains about his hangover but has a beer for breakfast, a cheater complains about his friend cheating on his girlfriend but he is on his way to cheat on his girlfriend.

I learned a long time ago that we are all hypocrites. No matter what we hate someone else doing we are bound to do the same thing. When it seems that we are all against each other we come together.

Now that the world is in a recession I have seen so many people helping each other out. I have seen so many people start to care about the ones around them. I have seen people take others into their own home because they have lost their homes.

I have also seen people watching out for others with so many robberies due to the recession. Whether a neighbor asks his neighbors or not to watch their house they will still be watching. These are the things that remind us of how tough are nation is.

A recession is a powerful force that affects the world. Recessions leave so many without homes and jobs. Remember during a recession there are people who believe in it getting better and those who don’t. Without each other a recession would beat us every time.

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