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Breaking The Silence
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   The day was not that warm and not that cold either. It was just another ordinary day; to him it was as casual as  the blue shirt he was wearing. That was what his job demanded; just muching a blue dress shirt with a black pant with a dress shoe and you are good to go. It was the same with the ladies. The only difference was how classy the ladies looked in something casual. They are classy in anything. What a lady wears can never make her ugly but how she wears it; at least that was what he knew. That was what the lady he secretly admired showed him; she was always classic. At times he wondered if the lady lived in the same town he lived in and drives on the same dusty road to work. The truth was she lived in the same town.

   She was 5.6' tall and had a dark chocolate skin. Her eyes were brown with what seemed like a blue pupil. She was fully built; not skinny neither over weight. She had an outstanding appearance. Her lips were full and seemed like she's always ready to kiss someone; but she was not that kind. To crown it all; she was respectfull. All these amounted to the reason why he couldn't sleep at night. Though he doesn't fantasize about her he does worst than that. His roommate used to wake him in the middle of the night to stop screaming her name. That's one reason why he cannot take a nap at work on break; scared of screaming her name.

   There was one thing that was unusual; he's never spoken to her. They always pass by each other in silence. That was what borthered him the most and he had no clue how to break the silence. He was not with bad luck with girls; 'cause he wasn't bad looking himself. He used to rehearse each day in the mirror on how he was going to break the silence but each day went by same as the previouse. The closest he had got was when she asked him to pass her a paper towel at the cafeteria. 

   It was lunch time today too; he couldn't sleep though he was sleepy. He has finished eating his lunch and was reading a magazine he borrowed from a friend. He was kind of relaxed just minding his own bussiness.

      His head was burried in the magazine and was so absorbed in it that he didn't see her come accross him to sit on the third chair from him. There was only one chair between them. There was noone around but the two. He was not aware. He was lucky his neck was kind of feeling painful so he had to raise his head and stretch it.        

     There she was sitting at his right side. He was nervouse but something like a reflex action made him say hi. He had started a conversation and now he cannot stop there just for being shy of her. He went further to introduce himself as a gentleman would do. Though he was still nervouse; he had no choice. Whatever he was doing now was kind of a reflex now. She went with the flow too. She was nice to speak to. Always smiling to reveal her pretty white teeth. The silence was broken and now he was wondering if she was speaking or singing. She had a sweet voice; a voice worth being a melody.

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