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Jessica's Letter
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Jessica\'s Letter

Dear Father,

I wish I could say that never in my life did I think I’d be writing this, but I cannot tell a lie so great. I curse Abram for birthing me into a household so hellish, with a father who has no other thoughts besides the profit he made that day. Those pieces of metal are of greater value to him than his own daughter! Tell me, Father, when was the last time I received your undivided attention, without thoughts of money bags swarming through your mind? It brings me great joy to say that I am nothing like you, nor will I ever be. Oh, and if the money wasn’t already enough, what about the utter lack of freedom I receive—locked up in the house all day to protect your beloved bags of ducats. The latest instance was the masque; you wouldn’t even let me look out the window, let alone attend the event! Are Christians really that bad, Father? If so, you’re going to be quite disappointed when I tell you I’m running away with one. It doesn’t even matter what you think anyway, for I have found someone who will properly care for me, and doesn’t view me as some sort of burden. Someone who won’t keep me locked away like some sort of caged animal, and someone who thinks I am of more value than a few hundred ducats. To him, I come before money, before anything! His name is Lorenzo, Father, and I am going to marry him, whether you like it or not. So what if he is a Christian? He treats me better than the only Jew in my life. Having said that, I am going to become a Christian as well; I don’t want to be similar to you in any way or form. I enjoy myself with him; with you, I had never listened to music, seen a play, cherish life! Now, you don’t ever have to worry about me returning and the last thing I would do is beg for your forgiveness, because Lorenzo will never abandon me. He is nothing like you, Father. Now, you can return to obsessing over your money, or what’s left of it anyway. I want to have nothing to do with you anymore, and I pray that our paths will never cross again.


The Merchant of Venice is a classical work of literature by Shakespeare. The characters are driven by drama and romance but there is one particular character who is only obsessed with money; so obsessed that he ignores his daughter, Jessica who craves his attention. His name is Shylock, characterized as the "Greedy Jew" and his world revolves around money, and only money. His intents are driving Jessica mad and she feels so confined that she decides to run away with a Christian, Lorenzo who promises to never leave her. Above was the letter I wrote from her point of view to her father.

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