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If you are unfamiliar with my site I post creative story plot ideas that I have come up with as well as reviews of materials (books, courses, etc.) that may be useful to writers – particularly new writers. I have only completed one book myself (Myth, Magic & Missiles) so I am still a new writer, even though I have considered myself a writer for over 25 years now. That was when I started coming up with ideas for novels and began writing them down.

Sensitive material

When I write about a story plot idea that I have had I like to explain where the idea came from and how I developed it. This particular idea is kind of sensitive because it came from a time in my life that was very negative. Also, I know it will open me up to ridicule because it exposes some of my beliefs that are not very common.

The set-up

Several years ago I went through a bankruptcy as a result of having to close down a failing business. It was not the first I tried but was the most ambitious (at least for me) and seemed the most promising. When it failed, my wife and I decided that I should not try to start any other businesses because I obviously did not have what it takes to start a business and it was costing us a great deal of money. This had a profound effect on me because the knowledge that I would eventually run a successful business was one of my core beliefs. When I accepted that I would not run a business that core belief crumbled and it took with it every other belief that I had.


One day I had to make the long trip (a 3 hour drive) from where I live to the city for a court hearing regarding the bankruptcy. On the way I passed many fields and one of those fields had a white horse in it. The thought popped into my head that if I looked at that horse just the right way I might see that it was actually a unicorn. It was immediately followed by the thought that, no; there are no unicorns, no dragons, and no magic.


Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, but it was also one of my core beliefs that somehow, somewhere, sometime magic and unicorns and dragons were real. When the thought hit me that they were not, and never were, real I began sobbing uncontrollably, to the point where I almost had to pull over the car. I did not want to live in a world without magic, because… how BORING is that?!


It briefly entered my mind that I should just veer the car off the road and crash into a tree. Yes it hit me THAT hard. I did not follow through but that moment started a deep depression that I still am not completely over. Much later I was writing down what happened then as part of dealing with the depression and I thought, “That could be the start of a story.” What if I put someone else in that situation and they did follow through on that thought and had a serious accident? Then suppose as a result of that they ended up in a fantasy world with magic, unicorns, and dragons.


For a while I worked on developing that story. Eventually though I concluded that it was a bad idea. Having the character end up in another world as the result of an accident was too simple of an idea - too hackneyed and over-done. What if he stayed in our world but something resulted from the accident that changed him, and brought a kind of magic into our world?

Energy memory

There is something I somewhat believe in that I will call energy memory for now. It is an idea that every particle, every sub-atomic particle, carries with it a kind of memory of everything it has been a part of. In our bodies we have the memories of all the particles that make us up. Normally those memories are supressed as a kind of defence mechanism that evolved in all living things to protect them from a mental overload. So what if the accident caused the main character to be able to tap into these memories? And along with these memories he can also transform into any creature that a particle of his body has been part of.

Too powerful

After a little thought it was clear this was too powerful. There had to be some limits. For one thing, he can only turn into creatures, not inanimate objects. Through tying into the particle memories he has to be able to get a good clear sense of the creature, which means either that it is something either very recent or that had a very strong influence. Naturally, based on my own interests, one of the creatures had to be a dragon.


So how do I explain a dragon? Since every particle was at some time a part of other stars or planets before our solar system formed the dragon memory is from another world. It doesn’t even have to be from before our solar system formed because it could have been part of a meteorite that landed on Earth long ago.


Conflict comes into the story in several ways. When he first discovers his powers they are eratic. He must first learn to control the powers, at the same time trying to hide them because he is pretty sure that if anyone finds out he will become a guinea pig... and not the type that he could change back out of. When he does inevitably get found out there is conflict with him trying to remain free while several groups try to capture him and use him for their own purposes.


I like this story because there are so many different ways it could go. He could become a kind of super heroe, or super villain. Maybe he can teach others to do the same thing, or somehow pass it on to them. Perhaps one of the groups that is after him does catch him and force him to do their bidding... at least for a while. With his ability there is no end to what he can do or become.


I hope this article inspires you to start writing your own stories or that you at least found it entertaining. I hope you got the general slant of the article that ideas can come from anywhere. Many of my ideas come from something positive but I wanted to get this one out there to show that good story ideas can also come from negative experiences. For more of my story plot ideas you can visit my site. If this idea seems like something you would want to work on you can contact me and we can discuss it.


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