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Persional Monthly Budget
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budget is a well recorded data or figures showing the amount of money being spent per month , or the monthly expenditure . its very important for aperson to record down what he has spent on dailly , after every month he is able to know how much is his expenditure. people usually buys basic needs like home basic needs , food , and may be clothing

its also better a wise business man to record down the amont of money he has spent on buying asserts for example the business man managing a supermarket in the supermarket there are commodities which have high demande and are consumed dailly by costomers like suger, soap , books and pens , food staffs , in themean time , these goods make high turn over , before the week ends the goods are already finished in the supermarket there the personal monthly help s him to determin the amount of goods that may be needed per month . and he can only know this by visiting his budget .

in addition there are goods which are needed on the particur periode of the month like jackets , bed covers , jampers are on high demand during winter season , so when it appreches to winter he is free to brng in these goods , on the other hand funs , ice cream, shuts are on high demand during summer season so the personal monthly budget can help abusqinass man to know the goods which are needed in the supermarket and in the general market .

besides that the monthly budget does not show the amount of money which has been spent but also it shows the amount of profits of his business , it helps him to eveluate his profits incase the business is operating at abnormal profits / excess profits he is free to maintain the some business tips but if the business is operating at normal profits / zero profits , he can consults other business men in thesame business or he can apply the new business tip to enable him also gets some profits içn trhe business

in addition to the above it also helps the business man to determin the amount of money he has lost in the business , the money he has paid off to labour the supermarket director employs accounts he is able to know wheather they just stilling him .

it is easier to plan for your self since you have the personal monthly budget it can also help you to plan for your future months or future investment s when know the amount of you recieve per salary its better for to put some money a side for your investment , so when this money accumelate , you can use it as a starting capital . you do not need to borrow the bank loans for you to start your business it s wiser to borrow money from the bank when you have aready started your investements beecouse that money you pay back with some interest;

budget help you to the asserts and liabities in your business , asserts are goods which bring in more money in your business but liabities these are commodites which you spend on your money like transport , buying fuel for your vechicle, repairing your machine are liabities


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