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The Changing World And How To Survive!
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In to days world when it comes to having a pick of your job it can be sometimes very difficult. A decade ago people would agree with me based on the wide variety of jobs people could choose. Today most would blame the economy and jobs going overseas. When I think of the challenges of job searching today I can only find a few solutions to be better than your competition.

In todays world you need to be more qualified than your competition when it comes to competing for jobs. What better way to be more qualified than going to college. A decade ago an associate’s degree looked good to most employers. Today employers are demanding a lot more than just your usual high school diploma and associates degree. When it comes to a recession companies get an opportunity to choose people based on their education and today most companies want you to have a bachelor’s degree.

Like interest rates going down employers are demanding the opposite jobs that once required a high school diploma want an associate’s degree, jobs that once wanted an associate’s degree now want a bachelors degree, and jobs that once wanted bachelors now want a masters or p.h.d.

This makes no sense to me because if there are no jobs how people are suppose to afford college? You could always apply for a loan you probably won’t get approved. Unless you’re rich or poor you will not be able to afford college. This makes no sense because that means that most of the kids in the world won’t be able to go because most families are part of the middle class.

With all the doubt and disappointment all around us I still see other ways out of this mess. This recession is an opportunity for business owners who lost their business and others who got laid off or just someone who has not got a job and is looking for one. This recession is the perfect time to start getting creative and building a financial foundation for yourselves. This recession is a time to get passionate about your work and pick your career based on your passion what keeps you driven and motivated.

I understand that in a recession jobs are down to the bear minium. I also understand that if there are no opportunity’s out their then how come when I turn on the TV. or the radio there is a job offering. I understand times are tough but instead of sitting around and waiting to be saved get up and be a role model for people around you. Let them know that there is hope and fight for what you once knew. One of the greatest things us humans have is the ability to create and think. I was once told that there is no such thing as a genius as long as you work hard at what you love you will become a genius at it.

In life there are the people who can and the people who can’t. I have never been able to be the person who can’t because every day when I turn on news I don’t concentrate on the stars I concentrate on all the third world countries that haven’t had food and water in days. I then see one brave soul speaking on TV. how he will not stop fighting till his family is feed and their thirst is quenched. Life is very tough whether were in a recession or just having a bad week or year. I have never seen someone give up who didn’t want to. Failure is only in the mind success is based upon the hard work you do and the time you put into something.

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