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Tropic Romance
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Tropic Romance

The day is young, the dawn is broken.

The sun is awakened and yet it feels cold.

Can feel it’s shinning yet it feels cool

And lovely, guess it’s in love too.

Come my love, let’s take a stroll.

Let’s walk the street head to toe.

Hand in hand, caressing your palm.

Hope you like it, do you?

A smile and a node is what I get.

Come my love let’s walk down this narrow street.

Let’s avoid all the people in the street and the rush.

This street is narrow and meant

For a one man walk but we will share.

We will walk clinched to each other, sharing our breath.

In this street all I have is you, and you me.

We are invisible to the world as it’s meant to be.

Let me be the first to know what you are going through and

You will be the first to know my joy and my shame.

My love, we come to the end of the road.

Pick, which way should we go?

Do we go left or right, straight up or back.

I would love to go back, but I know you are a lady of variety.

So make a pick, ok, I’m glad you chose right.

A walk in this short grass will be comforting,

A cushion to the feet, on this sunny day.

Watch your steps beloved, know where you are stepping.

I saw the herd here when we were far.

You know what they do when they stroll,

Hiding their shame in this green grasses.

Yet they walk away pretending nothing happened

Leaving an open secret behind.

From you I will keep no secret.

What I will keep from the world will be known to you.

Let’s walk down the street,

Let’s get something to drink, something refreshing.

How about a cocoanut juice?

I know you love oranges,

And it’s lovely to watch you squeeze the juice out.

What scare me is the seeds, scared you might swallow.

We could get a taste of the mangoes too.

Oh, I forgot about the flies, I wouldn’t like them at home.

I don’t have a problem with the sugarcanes;

We can chew at the ends, I see “the no” look.

I guess we are left with a can of soda, make it a chilled one.

What happened to the time?

I learnt time flies, but have never had a feel till with you.

I guess the world passed by me without a word.

The sight of you was breathtaking to them.

They lost their breath, and said not a word.

Come my love; let’s take the long way home.

Let’s walk all night, make it a night to remember.

Street Talk

Very nice job! This is your own?

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks...and yes it's my own...for the public.

  about 1 decade ago
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